Siemens CL50

Siemens CL50

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  • m
  • marianne diaz
  • RKn
  • 03 Feb 2008

oh my gosh...when i see this phone,its cute and ahhmm handy...
so i want i have this phone but i have now a phone but i want taht its my scnd phone..he..he..

    • B
    • Bellu
    • RNF
    • 19 Jan 2008

    I reckon this is a wicked phone, i wish i could have this again, i had it once but after using it to the core it sorta gave up.. haha.. but yea, i really wouldnt mind having this as my second phone, small and sexay!

      • a
      • allyan
      • PBY
      • 13 Apr 2006

      i wish i have this mobile

        • a
        • allyan
        • PBY
        • 13 Apr 2006

        DaMN.. i wish i have this phone. I already have a phone i want. I want this to be my 2nd phone. DAmN.

          • M
          • Mar
          • DGY
          • 29 Mar 2005

          I love my phone it's convenient for me to carry every where,but I have problem when am dial a number I don't hear any tone dialling even worst I don't hear the other party voice.Can you help me to solve this problem.

            • B
            • Bibian
            • mcy
            • 20 Feb 2005

            Thanks for your beautiful product, i love this phone especailly when am in the mixs of people. Am always been promoted when they say " let me see you phone". But i have little problem with it sometimes, when i dail a number, i will not be able to hear from the next end the people i called can be hearing me clearer that is the only problem i have encountered. please help me with easierest solution

              • R
              • Ritchie
              • AeB
              • 23 Jan 2005

              the screen is too small no camera no radio just basic crap

                • L
                • Louise Hearsey
                • 08 Dec 2004

                I love this phone and want it on contract with O2, but I am unable to find it anywhere. Can you help??

                Thank You

                  • b
                  • blade 7
                  • 24 Aug 2004

                  this is 1 shit phone i will never by a siemens phone again

                    • N
                    • Natalie
                    • 23 Jul 2004

                    One of the best phones I ever had. Small enough to be easily put in every pocket and bag. Love it!

                      • C
                      • Chrysa
                      • 23 Jul 2004

                      My fiance bought this mobile for me as a present. Very good! Beautiful design...and very small. I love it!

                        • 1
                        • 12Irs12
                        • 19 Jul 2004

                        i bought this mobile phone and I m definitely male. i loved this phone.its poly ringtones are high vol. call clarity is the BEST. Try not to use it roughly, cos its made for women. this is what it means, actually. I lost it 1 week back cos it fell off my jacket pocket while i was riding fast on my motorbike.

                          • m
                          • misa D
                          • 31 May 2004

                          cl50 is a good Siemens phone, especially for women. However, it is very difficult to send SMS because keys are small and located close to each other. Menu is not user-friendly compared to Sony-Ericsson one, but it can be learnt fast.
                          In general, it is a good phone of its class.

                            • k
                            • kit
                            • 23 May 2004

                            reception function in malaysia is weak.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • 05 Mar 2004

                              it crashes all the time wen you dont touch it for up to ten mins

                                • u
                                • unknown
                                • 05 Mar 2004

                                its a brilliant fone and i love it dont listen to them im a male and i have it. the design is butiful although the buttons r close together

                                  • m
                                  • marius
                                  • 02 Feb 2004

                                  hello. I want to buy this phone but I don't now were I find him. If any body know please tell me. I am from Romania.

                                    • h
                                    • hossein
                                    • 07 Dec 2003

                                    share your oponion about siemens cl50

                                      • z
                                      • 07 Dec 2003

                                      i will like to buy this product of siemens so i will like it because it's good product.

                                        • F
                                        • Fernanda
                                        • 30 Nov 2003

                                        Cl50 is a basic cell, without many technological resources, but as it is beautiful! I have one and I'm admired with the beauty, the minuscule size. Where I take it, makes so much success that I am afraid of to become distracted and to end without it.
                                        If it roots colored lcd it would be perfect for me, that don't worry about Java, Bluetoot, those things.