Siemens CX65

Siemens CX65

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  • DeLa

still have this phone ! best siemens

  • Thomsonicus

Camera was native 1.3 Mpix.

  • bribri

i have a cx65 fully mounted in by car.
in australia we have upgraded to levels 3 and 4 as regards coverage. this phone is restricted to level 2.can it be upgraded,sold or thrown away.

  • AnonD-240973

Use the cable
I suffered this problem in 2006

I used SiMoCoSetup228 software "win Xp and below"

I had to open the socket of the cable and move one of the middle wires to the next pin from inside in order to work

  • kum

Hi all i am using siemens cx 65 phone i cannot download all photos from my phone to my computer any one can suggest on the this... thanks alot please reply to

  • A

I am still using this phone :))

  • Anonymous

love this phone . Was my first .. I cried for a whole week whhen it was stolen from me .. And i couldnt get a similar

  • lamda

i used this phone in 2005 till 2008 when it got spoiled i have been trying to get same but to no avail. I'm i GH if anyone has one for so sale i would be glad it.

  • Nadeem

Does anyone know where I can buy CX 65 seimens phone

  • Ramesh Cochin

Can i get the charger of the same? Because never i like to avoid this one

  • de

i had this phone... it's a great phone, sleek design but the camera i didn't like...

  • Rocs

Can i get the charger of the same? Because never i like to avoid this one

  • Basheer

Is The New Model of Siemen in KSA

  • hafiz

i love this mobile because my first used mobile ever i realy like this mobile

  • Walker

This was my very first EVER mobile phone.I bought it for £100 way back in the beginning of January 2005. I loved this phone in It's prime, especially with it being my 1st EVER mobile, and I still have it now! Although, I've been having problems with the battery constantly running out, like It's ran out of juice and had It's day unfortunately. :'( I'm currently on my 5th phone which is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S which I bought for £199.95 on Feb, 3rd, 2012.I bought the Siemens CX65 from The Carphone Warehouse back in Jan 05. The shop I bought it from closed down.

  • AnonD-40603

My second phone ever. Great phone, display is really big for that time. Nice design as well.

  • sk1tman

That is nice phone, i was using it for a few years, it never failed! Also great price and functions for its time :)

  • sameera

I dont know how to get the menu on view

  • Siemens fan :P

I bought it 2005, still using.
Bought new battery (old battery wasn´t good enough) from ebay and im pleased.

  • Ricky

Great phone .. It would be perfect if it had a memory card and bluetooth, but that's a bit ahead of it's time. I still use mine. =D