Siemens CX75

Siemens CX75

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  • Thomsonicus

Very, very interesing phone. The camera is a true 1.3mpix, not interpolated. The software is highly moddable, from changing system icons, to features (like thermometer, multitasker and more). The screen was nice for its day, definately better than the non-TFT Siemens SX.

  • Captain

This was my 1st phone and it lasted impressive 11 years (well I had to replace the battery twice). By the way there is an error in Call Records section because my version has 100 slots for each of those. Screen was a bit small even compared to other phones from same time period but other than that it was a great phone.

The startup and shutdown sounds are really COOL !!! ;)

I destroyed the replay button of the sounds. It's never gotten old!

My second and last Siemens phone, was decent at its time, just defected motherboard killed it quickly? Same happen with my c65, but was much cheaper comparing with competition, no wonder, quality wasn't best

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever. I have had this phone for 8 years in everyday use. Phone has original battery and works just fine.

  • DavidsonDFGL

another thing that stands out in this phone is its quality sound, your headset is perfect, never seen an equal, much better than I use on my desktop and my current smartphone, to be honest, I've never seen one better than this . unfortunately it ruined,: '(

  • DavidsonDFGL

Saeed, 22 Feb 2013Yes man! I have bought this Phone 8 yrs ago and still worki... moreI agree, I have this cell to 6 years and works perfectly, only the charger that ruined and had to use a universal battery life has decreased but is still sufficient for 4-5 days, what surprised me most, I see no one siemens hand of any person

  • Saeed

JH, 07 Jan 2012Siemense CX75 was my 1st multimedia phone back in 2005. Wha... moreYes man! I have bought this Phone 8 yrs ago and still working...! such a amazing cellphone and thanks SIEMENS...Still I don't understand why Siemens stop producing Mobile Phones.

  • JH

Siemense CX75 was my 1st multimedia phone back in 2005. What a great phone it was except some laggings like frequenty freezing and video playing issues.
I will never forget those memories when my frnds was extremely amazed to listening the audio quality through its stock headphones.Even it was better then nokias music express 5200 back then. I have enjoyed it very much. Salam to Siemens for such midrange phone like I am using nokia n91 8GB for its music quality.

  • farukhosendcv@gmail.


  • Sylph

what i like about cx75 is the photoshop, blue box and paint... the camera can take pretty good picture and you can adjust the size of it. is there another phone like this?

  • mrn

i want to clear all contacts, it needs PIN. But it is not my onw. What i have to do do know what is this pin ??

  • rifat

i m using this set since 2006, its a good phone, camera is good although no night mood.. music quality excellent(bettr than nokia 3110 n 2700c) its java nd net feature works good.. althgh slow bt good.. gprs cls 10 ie 32-48kbs=4-6kBs..can b used as modem data exchng rate btwn pc nd mob both in case cbl nd Bt device is 10-14kBs its slow cmpared to available sets now.. bt its 5yr old set and still alive nd working good.. i love this set

  • Alexander

cx75 very good device . I have this one , and don't want any others .


cx75 is the best mobile in the world.
please guide me how i can buy one of them?
are you sent one of them for me?
i have a cx75 but when i siwch it it come back to off.
please help me that i will buy on of them .thunk you very much.thunk infinity.Hooman

  • MarQ from Finland

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2010My Siemens CX75 is auto locked. After a subsequent trie... moreswitch the phone off;take the battery out;put the battery back;switch the phone on;give the phone lock code:12345 (is the default phone lock code in all old siemens phones and nokia phones!!!).i hope your friend did not change that code! good luck!!!

  • haider

hi there,
i am haider kamal form karachi, pakistan i also have siemens cx 75 its a very good mobile but i have a quarry regarding its manufacturers and dealers because its casing and charger is not avaliable in karachi mobile markets and even its mobile charger connector is not avaliable so nay one there who knows from where i can possiable it please tell me.reply me on same comment thanx.

  • NoSh

Greate phone. Really greate. You should buy. :D

  • Anonymous

My Siemens CX75 is auto locked. After a subsequent

tries of 3 times by my friend ,the mobile is

autolocked, now the phone locks every 15

minutes. I have to switch off and switch on every

15 minutes, if I am making any cal. please advice

how to get it unlock the (PHONE LOCK).

  • Rafi

Its really a great phone........though many people will not believe me....but it can do so many ................for me