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Siemens M50

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  • Anonymous

I had a phone just like this only blue and silver, but mine was called MT50... I guess its the same phone, but still, why the different names? Why is there no MT50 on GSM arena?

My very first mobile phone. Mine was blue and silver. Back when Siemens phones not only still existed, but were actually great.

  • Tsvety

My first phone ever, was in blue :)

  • AnonD-135681

Ah, my love! It worked for at least 9 years, form 2002 or maybe 2003 to 2012, and would've worked more.

Should've bought two of those! :)

  • m50 user

im that same dude who said on 22 Feb 2015 that this is still my everyday phone after 12 years. After that I was used it still some month until got proper 2sim smartphone to get finally my personal and work calls into 1 phone. after that i have used my m50 as excelent alarmclock!

  • former m50user

m50user, 22 Feb 2015still working after 12 years everyday use 0.oWow! 12 years?!? Mine didn't even reach 5 years of utilization. The phone itself was ok, but the battery was completely shot.

  • m50user

still working after 12 years everyday use 0.o

  • hehe11111

mike, 13 Jan 2012Where did you find the display to replace, and when this happene... moreits really long time to replay but i was get my replacement display from ebay. also i think a50 and c45 have same display but not 100% sure.

  • mike

m50 user, 29 Aug 2011heh.. wierd but it's still work, almost 10 years old now. once h... moreWhere did you find the display to replace, and when this happened. Mine died recently /I damaged the display connection while deep clening :(/ and I would like to revive it, but it is totally unlikely that some repair parts are out there yet.

  • m50 user

heh.. wierd but it's still work, almost 10 years old now. once have replaced display and battery, other details are all original.

  • mrock

this is a tought mobile phone,i have it since 2005 even i bought second hand but its still nothing any problem with this phone.i love it

  • M50 user...

I bought one in 2002 and i'm still using it!

Some problems with sim-cards nowadays and of course the battery aren't very durable anymore.. But it's still going strong!

  • ekrem

one of the best phones available.

  • m50user

after more than 4 years, it is still in case! very STRONG mobile phone! :)

  • Anonymous

My first mobile phone...I had it for 3 years!!!
It has many features like JAVA, GPRS and EMS what is very impressing for so old phone! On my opinion the silver one with neon display looks much better!!! And the best is that it still works well!!!

  • SthtemWayz

Anyone, how can i check total call time


I am using this mobile from last two years and still I am using
Its a wonderful mobile
It never gives me any type of trouble till date

Can you imagine still I am using this mobile

yes i am using M 50 is really M 50 cool and great

  • Lithuania

Good phone.

  • eva

one thing i like about m50 is the strength.i've been using this phone since 2003, many times i have dropped it to the ground yet it still works.but here they don't sell the housing anymore and i was wondering if the games and ringtones are still downloadable?if so,where and how?

  • humphrey ibe-george

i want a m5o gprs software
or menu botton and direction botton is not working anymore pls i need help cant read my text messages