Siemens M75

Siemens M75

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  • yehia adel

It just need to have :
1- 3D stereo speakers (16 mm, 22 Khz with vibration).
2- RDS FM Radio.
(after that it well be te best)

  • xciter

[Moreover rugged phones are not made for business or high class, they are made for outdoor users and therefore not very much beautiful in 5140, 5100, ME45, M65.
I hope u all understand.]

i have to agree with you awais...i've read an article before that rugged phones were not meant to be beautiful or attractive but imho siemens did a great job of designing such types of phones. in other words, quality over beauty.;) i find it really absurd that some people have already criticized the M75 as if they've seen it in actual and tested the phone themselves.=P

  • Teles

This phone is a lethal weapon!!! its big ugly and deadly. Great for people who need to protect themselves. If thrown at some1 this phone will do damage. Can also be used as a table tennis racket or even a baseball bat. Siemens have introduced a new technology called suiside bomber. When activated after 30 seconds this phone will explode, another example of why this handset is the ultimate self defence weapon phone. If the Nokia 5210 was known as the bouncer then i think the M75 should be known as the Terminator.

  • Awais

10 out of 10.
Black version will be more attractive!

  • Awais

people who dont know tha class or dont know what tha mobile is made for dont need to post their opinions here...
those who buy mobile phones for their shapes and beauty dont know the phone's worth and technology.
Moreover rugged phones are not made for business or high class, they are made for outdoor users and therefore not very much beautiful in 5140, 5100, ME45, M65.
I hope u all understand.

  • Serolf

This cell is ugly. Seems that Siemens does not know what art and style is. Moreover, where is the FM radio? Siemens is the lowest level player and always lose to Nokia, Samsung, Sony-ericson and Mororola, simply no art at all. Good bye Siemens.

  • kokom

its look like a tough phone, i love it, i prefer to get the black one,i have a question, i see on the newspaper, they were shower the phone and still on?

  • Uros

The phone is OK. Design a little ugly. Will the phone have an accessory BIKE-O-METAR ( like m65 )?

  • Jeff

The ME45 is one solid little nugget of a phone. All phones should be built as durable.
Put Bluetooth in the handsome ME45 shell and I'll upgrade.

  • Zoran

What I know for sure is: I'm not going to buy it. Its design is more than awful.

  • dave

Hmmmm...need to see the black one in the flesh but undecided from the photo. What I really want is a phone designed like a casio g-shock watch. Liked my Nokia 6250 tough phone...wish I'd never sold it now.
Had a siemens M65 last year, sent it back as it was very flimsy for a 'tough' phone

  • benjy

nokia 6020 comes to mind on the style of the phone or vice versa, i really appriciate a good look phone, thats why i hate this

  • Haris

For those who thinks its ugly see this live,and also see the pics on this forum

  • yellowiceing

One of the ugliest phones I have ever seen!
The Siemens engineers probabily worked very hard to make it look this way..

  • Chris977

What!? the cx70 has radio?

  • Mk3

Maybe its Siemens Best year ever Becuase all what all intrested in are including here in m75 But I prefered the Cx70 call records and the Fm Radio is a Great Idea for this mobile So I hope to be proud of Siemens this year with the new coll
(No To Nokia)

  • Alex

Why can't they ever make a quad-band phone? Is it really that hard???

  • yehia adel

very good mobile phone it just need one thing ( FM radio with RDS ) and it will be the best.

  • daniel

i have a siemens me45...maybe this is the new me45. i hope so...
what about price?

  • Fedo Dedo

Well; i have been using ME45 for more than two years, and i don't know if this M75 will make me change it, it has good specs., but after all what i really care about is how strong and durable is it.... i think the older are always the stronger, there was M35, i have never seen or used it, but heard its very strong..... thats all what i need...