Siemens M75

Siemens M75

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  • akhil

can any one tell me till how much memory it can work?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2008Bought it back when it was released! still having no problems re... moreit is extendable memory upto how much

  • Anonymous

Bought it back when it was released! still having no problems regardless of repeated rough use ( I used in rain and dust..never underwater heheh). VERY VERY customisable - I can literally select which key does what on the fast access menu. Has different vibration options, and gives better sound and picture quality compared to concurrent nokia and sony ericson phones.
Only problem I faced was that the rubber on the sides started to soften and melt away recently.
I love this phone and its so meshed with my lifestyle now its hard for me to let it go...

  • marrell

if u wanna buy m75 casing, just drop by and see in indonesian siemen's forum. the address is

  • AniM75ter

I love this phone so... But I've lost it 1 year ago... It's absolutely perfect for outdoor worker people

  • cipung

q mau beli casingnya ja, dijual g?
klo da yang tau penjual casing m75,tolong saya di kasih tau y?trims...

  • dOo

I have one
and I like it very much

  • Anonymous

Papa Ryan, 02 Apr 2008I bought M75 june 06, now still good working, google maps, opera... moretell me please where is infra red?i can't find it.where is located on the phone?thanks send on:

  • areeva

This phone doesn't have great sound, doesn't have clear screen, the camera is poor, the grip case is easy too leak out. But the design is amazing, it's have chemistry with me :)

  • Benny

A strange look, I think M75 is very strange to me....

  • bowo

how to activated gprs????

  • Sikorsky

I want Siemens back :(

  • Papa Ryan

I bought M75 june 06, now still good working, google maps, opera mini 4 run well. My M75 casing still smooth.
This is amazing phone.

  • sajjad

M75: announced march 2005 released aug2005
5500:announced may 2006 released aug2006
both r best of there time

  • ChaserX

god damn it :| how can you compare this with nokia 5500 sport ?! :| this phone is almost 3 yrs old dude ... review the specs and then post your opinion :| come on... nice phone for it's time

  • Anonymous

Can a 1gb memory card work in this unit? Or is it too big?

  • Geoponer

Well, I use an M75 for almost 3 years now, and I am really happy with it!
Its battery still lasts for more than 3 days, it's got bluetooth working great, it's really tough (apart from the rubber parts, which peel after some time), has a 1.3MP camera, easy-to-navigate menu, RS-MMC slot for storing photos, mp3, videos etc.
Using the free ReadManiac software, I can also read my Palm ebooks (pdb) using my Siemens!
I surely miss an FM radio, a better quality camera and voice dialling, but it surely worths every cent I paid for it!

Too bad Siemens is out of mobile business now...

  • richi

I want this phone for the outdoor usage aspect of the device, I would mainly go off road and hunting. Yet with all of the bad reviews this is getting I am wondering if I should even bother with this phone

any thoughts?

  • ko

it ok

  • razvan_schila

y want to buy this phone does it worthit to buy??
i am worried about the qality of the speakers a dont think that thei sound very great what do you think??