Siemens ME75

Siemens ME75

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No memory card? Oh well.

  • AnonD-564097

I bought this cell phone from Amazon India.I am highly disappointed because the battery drains very fast,lasting for only 6-8 hrs even in standby mode.can anyone please help as to where I can purchase a new battery?

  • Dekkee

Mine has been in use since early 2007 - now a historical sample by all means! Quirky phone prone to random blackouts/freezes/shutdowns, OEM accessories were unavailable/insanely expensive in its time, FW upgrades by Siemens never rolled out. Phone is incompatible w/3rd party accessories - I still haven't found a data cable that works, even with Siemens MPM software (worst useless resource hog of all times) installed on my PC. By now it's shed its rubber parts and lost IR connectivity, while most of other features nevertheless do work. I'm keeping the phone in a holster to keep dust out, using it wor calls, texting and web browsing (sic!) since I can't afford a smartphone. I've bought a NOS original battery on sale (old one lost capacity after some 7 years of constant use). A long-term destruction test, really:)

  • AnonD-350630

Bought this phone form snapdeal India. To my astonishment. The phone was in perfect working condition. I am just wondering how this seller managed to preserve this phone for 10 years. Got it for 800 rs.(10 usd).

  • mighty78

Bought mine in 2006. Still works with original battery. Battery last about 4 days. I use it now as a backup phone. Rubber parts are falling apart though.

  • Komo

Start of 2006 and it still works well.

  • AnonD-127115

Still-User, 21 Aug 2011Still using Siemens ME75. Has the spesifications for a mobile ph... morelol...this phone released on 2005, how did you bought it 9 years before release?

  • wiji

how we can get new siemen phones

  • Still-Using

Want to transfer contact info etc to computer for backup. Tried to years ago to buy equipment for this, but it ran on older software than my computer had.
Se that there is IrDA / infrared. Can I use that? What is it good for if not?
Y.k. Still-Using

  • Still-User

Still using Siemens ME75. Has the spesifications for a mobile phone that is needed - and better battery capasity. Bought it 1st of April 1996!

  • pi03s

still using my ME75

  • Denros

I cant say anything...this is great celullar phones...

  • sass

I had this phone running more than 4 years, last year of using battery held for 2 days - no nokia or nowadays sony/ericsson can handle such period with more than 10 hours talk time in a month. One of the best mobiles I ever had.

  • Barry

Agree with all of above. Brand new and it would not even turn on! No wonder Siemens is going under producing crap like this.

  • Anonymous

can someone please help, with id witheld calls it doesn't ring as in there is no sound?? ive looked everywhere to change this, does anyone know how?

  • Anonymous

i got a MMS (picture sent to me) and i can not open it! WTF someone help me. its says you can get MMS but why can i???

  • Anonymous

this phone is really bad i got it a few days ago and i dont even use it that much the batteries runs in a day . how un cool is that

  • jack

i have some problem with my cell phone :
1.plastic cover (cashing)please help me to find the original cashing.
2. my phone can't send a message to all cdma phone( ican send the mesagges but the recipient can not read my messages )

  • Andre

i already hear about siemens is bankrupt since 2004.are you sure that siemens phone is still exist on the market? i'ts very very difficult to found siemens phone there.

  • Greek

I have this phone from 2005, even if the ruber is off works just fine, allthow its not waterproof any more he he.