Siemens PenPhone

Siemens PenPhone

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  • folkish

I own it

  • Zahin

Pexereco, 10 Feb 2004It's not because it's new that it must have an 1 Mpixel camera o... morePhones with a curved OLED screen aka paper-phone. Brilliant!!!

  • Insulin Pen

Looks like something a diabetes sufferer would inject into their thigh

  • Thephonegeek

One of these should be made again.

  • CVBobo

Ahmed, 07 Jul 2010i had this idea 3 years ago and i applied in a tv show with it, ... moreYes but the phone was announced in 2004 so you don't get barging rights :).

  • Abhi

Whats the price of this phone

  • Srikant

does it has calling features tooo

  • Ahmed

i had this idea 3 years ago and i applied in a tv show with it, but the design was quite different and it was for blind people and here they made it the exact same idea and 70% design similarity :S

  • Anonymous

not only is it a pen and a phone but put it on vibrate and it doubles as something that gives pleasure to some ;P

  • anonymous

i think the whole idea was to not make a phone with a pen, but to make a phone, which lets you to write sms messages with "pen" on surface, becouse tip of this phone does not look like a pen, more like a stylus

  • Anonymous

it's a great phone by the way,even though siemens has been quiet for a while. that woderful fone. prince

  • Anonymous

Look its a pen no its a phone no wait i got it its a Siemens Penphone

  • Dom Dom

ok - problem is

It's a pen, and it has a phone built in - BRILLIANT haha amazing that's the best thing ever. But...

It's a phone, and it has a pen sticking out of it... not so brilliant

  • 69

why was this phone cancelled? BEST invention.. EVER

  • sid

its gud really gud................. to hav been cancled

  • ar

status OH! No why it is cancelled

  • SSS

good idea , but it doesn't have ANY features . ****

  • Wintereise

ahaa, 07 Mar 2009this is stuuupidd invention i 100 percent agree!Thank god this was cancelled!

  • ahaa

this is stuuupidd invention

  • kk