Siemens S11

Siemens S11

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  • ja

how can i remove simlock in this phone?

  • Agent L

I stopped using it about a year ago (2006!) And yes, battery still holds longer then most brand new phones, my K800 can't match. Far longer then 5 days, if not talking too long 10 days are not uncommon.

  • GTA

yes people this euro-phone had a color screen before Japan had it!!

  • Caesar

A friend gave me a Siemens S11 as a gift and I am so excited. But language is Germany! How do I change Siemens S11 language into English? I leave in Manila Philippines.

  • Robbie W.

I used this phone from may 1998 to september 2003. And the battery still works for the 5 days, as in the manual.
Great phone, but has some weakness:
one system 1800
no irda
extremely big size.
The first phone in the world with colour display. Revelation

  • poke

this phone(Siemens s11)"how to show clock ? if you know send data/method to me. please....

  • wiroj

Do you have user manual for this model?
Please send to me if you have. Thank you.