Siemens S35i

Siemens S35i

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  • Martin

3/11/2015 still using it

  • Kalim

nomeata, 06 Feb 2014Nice phone, still use it today...I have been using it many years since 2001 trouble free.The problem started with battery.I could not find geniun battery hence purchased other brands from time & again but I still like the voice clarity of Siemen,s S 35i.

  • nomeata

Nice phone, still use it today...

  • Michael F

I had the S35i from mid-2000 until late 2002 (when I accidentally destroyed it. Don't ask). It was a very compact phone, for its time, with solid functionalities. This device was also the first I've surfed on the Net via WAP. Certainly one of the best mobile phones that I got to own and use.

  • Tuntst

Very good mobile phone at the time it was released ( we were still in the last century... ). The first I had with Internet access.

  • Anonymous

one of my first cell phones one of the best really great.

  • Guru The Nguru

I love u mwaaaah my first phone in 2004 looove mard lurv mwaaah,mwwaaahhest

  • sie

This was my first mobile phone, and for that time it was working great. Siemens were making great phones these days.

  • Squirrel

That was my first actually "smarter" phone. And I could say that it was absolutely brilliant. Siemens was the king of cell phones back at those days, I have had almost every model.. Too bad so few people liked them and they had to retreat. I'm sure, they would have released many great phones by now...

  • john ifiorah

i just bought a used siemens s35i phone when i inserted my sim it said (phone disabled! NETWORK CODE) please what should i do to make use of the me please.

  • zindadil

eponk, 12 Dec 2001s35i sucks, i always got card error! every 3 or 4 hour. the batt... morei have siemens s35 phone exellant performance, but now giving error messege all time, card error, after restaring normal, but early error coming agaain, pls help to fix this problem

  • ezzstein

i really love this phone and ready to buy a new or used one in egypt

  • dikdik setiawan

Siemens S35 is my first phonecell.
i have Siemens S35 until now.

  • dikdik setiawan

i want to know siemens S35 scematic dyagram,may i?

  • e34

My 2nd mobile was S35i Polar Silver Edition. Regret a lot loosing it in 2002. In silver it is the most beautiful phone ever.

  • Anonymous

My first ever phone. It's just great phone for that time, phone with Infrared, internet and such more

  • Rossonero

My first mobile phone, great performance for that time

  • Bill

mob, 29 Dec 2008If I only knew your contacts, I could suggest you a silver S35i ... moreHi there, I'd be interested in buying any silver body amber light variant of the S35 you may have. You on MSN or something, let me know, you don't have to give me your contact details here. The reason I ask is because I have a second hand SL45 in very bad condition and I sold it on for nothing and I want to use a silver S35 and have been wanting to for some time now, they are very reliable in the executive class.

  • mob

ari, 20 Dec 2008halo, any people will sell S35? I want to buy this mobile phone.... moreIf I only knew your contacts, I could suggest you a silver S35i with amber backlight (this was the latest stock version) in VERY good condition.
Also maybe someone is interested in fully original body of the S35i with all vibros, microphones etc. It is new!
I bought it long ago for the future change, but my S35i body is still very good and looks great, so it don't need to be changed:-)
And I don't need it anymore cause now i have ME45 as my third phone;-)

  • ari

halo, any people will sell S35? I want to buy this mobile phone. please announce to me.