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Siemens S45i

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  • AnonD-67548

Frances Brod, 01 May 2012I've been using my S45i since I got it, back in 2003, so it... moreWhere do you live? if you live in Germany, it's easy to get the used S45i there, if you're lucky you can get in robust condition or even like new!
Very hard nowadays to look for the substitute of this phone, smartphone i don't really like, because the phone is getting smarter and the user getting more stupid :)
Many useless application is not used for daily basis,what's the use then?
Go for ME45,S45 or SL45 for your case Good luck

  • AnonD-67548

The best phone ever produced by Siemens!
I have S45i Titanium silver and champagne gold, both are very timeless!
Easy to use with high durability ad endurance, very reliable phone!

  • Frances Brod

I've been using my S45i since I got it, back in 2003, so it's nearly 9 years old and it has often been of big help to me, so I don't regret at all getting it. Before that, I had a Nokia 8210 that I gave to my mom (the charger eventually died about 2 years later, so she decided to get a new drudge).

About a half year ago, one of the buttons of the S45i started to work only half of the times pressed and I found out that I had to press it in a certain way so it makes the contact.
Then recently, the battery started to act weird - it wouldn't be able to keep the phone on standby only for more than about 40 hours and actually talking on the phone would completely drain the battery within about 5 minutes. I never had to exchange the battery all the yeas and I'm really glad it lasted this long.

As of writing this comment, I'm unsure which new phone I should get. It obviously doesn't necessarily have to be a smartphone, it shouldn't be too bulky anyway, and possibly as reliable as the S45i. I'd even get a new S45i if it was available, but sadly I couldn't find a way for me to get one, so I'll probably get one of the less expensive devices that were released within the last year or two. (The smaller regional mobile phone contractors sometimes offer a phone + contract package that is more affordable than those of the bigger companies.)

  • ananda

glorious past....I still love this phone until now......

  • Rizwan

Any idea about it's cost?
I'm bidding for one on eBay Germany. Off course to be used for my additional Sim card from which unfortunately i can not get rid of.

  • Yoga

Heii.. this phone is superb for reliability.. I am using it as 2nd phone (after K550i) till now since i bought first time in 2003.. And case just full of scratch but for performance.. ow.. newer phone cannot beat this kind of phone.. ow, same as S25 i bought in early 2000.. My bro use it till now as 2nd phone (after K750i).

Viva Siemens (unfortunately, it bought by benQ and become benQ-Siemens, and it is the reason my view changed to Sony Ericsson).

  • Frank

Very small and lightweight, but on the other hand the buttons are extremely fiddly and it's quite easy to press the wrong one. Also the men u structure seemed to me not very intuitive...
While I used it without severe problems during two years, my colleague needed three of them during that period - twice unrepairable software problems destroyed his phonebook.

  • krissj

very good phone

  • slavo

super phone, i have s45i for a long time, now just waiting for s75.

  • Mrs. Martha H. Adegb

S45i is a wonderful phone. I once had it sometime in 2003 but it fell and stopped working. I took it for fixing but they were not able to instead it was damaged. I love the phone very much and I dont know if I could get another one. If it is still available. I wont mind purchasing another. I am from Nigeria. I looked for the phone but could not find here in Nigeria. It is a very beautiful and unique phone. It was the first phone I ever had. Thanks.

  • lin wei xia

i entered wrong phonecode three times and the Phonecode get locked. Now I cannot set security options. Anyone please tell me what should I do with my S45.

  • john

how to unlock my s45i it says phonecode unlocked when i enter into security settings this blunder was done by one of my friends

  • sushi

Great phone!
But someone stole it from me last weekend in IKEA, Graz (Austria). Dirty bastard... hope it brakes down now, and that you have no use of it, dirty little mugger...

  • V3ct0R

Yup. I have had it for a year now... Well i am tired of it... :) No java, Booooring orange illumination, some keys get 'stucky' from sand and dirt, and it's lower than the price (i paid 200usd$)

  • Waqas

I enabled phonecode on screensaver, my friend entered wrong phonecode three times and the Phonecode get locked. I know the phonecode, but the phonecode is locked. Now I cannot set security options. Anyone please tell me what should I do with my S45i.

  • Kestas

I'm holding it in my hand right now. I bought my third siemens a week ago. S45i was target number one. Many years ago i had siemens s6, then - M35(real love) and at last SIEMENS S45i! You say it's quit old model? Well, who wouldn't like to ride with lamborghini countach(od model as well).

  • Irene Berdos

i want to have a phone like this. not available in the philippines. help.

swap my Nokia 8250 with this phone. Or f availble, how much?

  • Bogdan

If you want to convert your S45 to S45i , follow this tutorial:

P.S. You need a service data cable...

  • sugiyarta

very good performance for surfing, and so much feature that can be operate.

  • pyare

hi.... tomorrow i am going 2 buy a mobile... can any body plz help me what should i buy as i am very confused....
tell me plz which 1 is the best... siemens C55 , S45, S45i ,panasonic GD75 or samsun n500