Siemens SG75

Siemens SG75

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  • stress

this phone has linux ... I found it on the internet and here isn't specified

  • Anonymous

Rob, 21 Nov 2005Club Siemens :) Sources want to be kept secret, i am very ... moreHi... would you kind to help us? We need some information about Siemens Mobile Phone. We've heard from my friend (ex boy friend) that was a Siemens Mobile Phone can track the position of the number that we call. Unfortunately she had lost contact with him. We really want it because I need to track our boy friend. Please contact me ASAP at Thanks

  • Anonymous

ok lng

  • Aijaz Ahmed

Hi, I Love all siemens mobiles, while i was using my ME45 Mobile set, it was superb, quality, sound, noise reduction, battery life, etc.

  • Rye

WOW!!! Looks unreal.

Wish Siemens Australia didnt go broke cause this is one hot phone.

  • angelo

I`ve bought this phone and I have problem with soft. I cann`t found it anywhere.

  • Ali

I some models it has some keys beside the body of the phone ... if you use them they act like page up page down and same az Nokia models ... I see this in S55 but I don't other models that hase this function.

  • prashant yadav

siemens has all that is requeired by any mobile company but .marketing and design of the phone are poor . please work on it and atleast make us aware that you are producing something that is required by us thanks other sets are durable economical wat i like the most are batteries used in siemens .they are realy long lasting

  • Anciukx

Forget Siemens, now we have Benq - Siemens

  • abbas

why in sms, in all siemens, it show ilne by line, would it be page by page same as in nokia.

  • Prince

Whts happening to siemens.All other manufacturers are launching new models every 3-4 months.C'mon Siemens make your presence feel in the market.

  • core

WTF are BenQ doing ??

  • tdc

I think this is a future model and I like it very much. I don't know why they have decided to cancel this model.

  • ZXcorr

SXG75 is NOT cancelled. SG75 is.

  • Rob

good news
BenQ will cancel all siemens 3G phones and replace them with BenQ's cheap 3G phones , the cancellation will include the SXG75 , CHEERZ BenQ keep cancelling

  • good guy

it has a SX1 look:p

  • xGTx

Its cancelled?? COOOL!!!

  • omg

omg its cancelled...wut a nice phone..damn

  • mouhanad khammach

hevry body,i am very sade for the bad news that sg75 has been canceld.
any one can be inform me why.
thank you

  • sam

siemens sg75 made me jelous