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Siemens SL45

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  • k
  • kim1406
  • n2J
  • 26 Jul 2007

I loved this mobile and I still do. I have now a new Window mobile (smartphone). However, I'm still using the great SL45 from time to time.

This is the best of the best on its time. It is really strange, why Siemens could not make a new such successor.

great phone, I love to have a brand new one again.

    • i
    • irfa
    • PG3
    • 24 May 2007

    hi i too like SL45 b caz this is the only one handy walkman phone under the suN.....m irfan B.A 03015177443..........

      • a
      • ali
      • ni1
      • 16 Mar 2007

      hi SIEMENS SL45 is the best in mobile phone SIEMENS serise

        • J
        • Julianto Wibowo
        • PUa
        • 18 Oct 2006

        I just want to ask about how to set the internet profile in my sl45 so I can use it for internet browsing. I already set it by my self with a help from my cellphone service provide company but still not working. Could you pls help?

          • A
          • AHSAN
          • 2AY
          • 17 Aug 2006

          hi 2 all
          any body help me becoz when i put mmc in my sl45 he says format errer of insert mmc wats this?

            • A
            • Audu Mamman
            • NHY
            • 05 Jul 2006

            For me this is a classic. It was my first GSM phone a couple of years ago. i travelled lately and went into a phone shop to buy a new phone with camera and all of that. when I saw this brand new SL45 i bought it straight away without bothering about the new camera phone i was contemplating . This is a masterpiece.

              • b
              • baDsleeper
              • 4nx
              • 08 Jun 2006

              I got the phone about a yer ago (secondhand), 128 mb, and still work perfectly. I don't about the firmware version but when I check the IMEI, it also give another info : Version: 16, FR/EFR/HR, E4A9 A701, NFV 20.One more thing, it has some Chinesse language built in it, so I assume that this phone is a chinesse version. Right now I want to upgrade its firmware to a higher version so I can use some extra feature. can anyone help me?

                • t
                • the xerk
                • P@V
                • 14 Apr 2006

                Definately legend phone...and finally got it (SL 45/6688). Though mine is second hand...still working good.

                Dear say that yours has 128 mmc...Should it apply upgrade phone-software for it??
                Mine is only 64..plan to upgrade if any software can be used.
                Thank you...

                  • M
                  • Mee-Laan
                  • SwH
                  • 02 Apr 2006

                  I want to by 128 Mb MMC, but when I put it in the phone, is says: Please insert MMC card. Phone just can't see the card. Same thing whit 256 MMC. What is the problem? Maybe I sould copy all folders from his original 32 MMC card? Please help!!!

                    • m
                    • mandy
                    • PYM
                    • 28 Mar 2006

                    i got the phone about 2 months ago i like the features but its hard to get music on my mp3 player the cd is downloading on my computer could someone help

                      • a
                      • abdolhai hamed
                      • mg%
                      • 21 Mar 2006

                      Please no foul language

                        • H
                        • Helb
                        • ni4
                        • 27 Feb 2006

                        Gelo, if you have a full menu, try this: Go to menu and press 9 2 1 (or maybe 9 1 1, i have a patched software with aditional menu entries) ... Then you can select your language... Hope hepled you... Bye

                          • H
                          • Helb
                          • ni4
                          • 27 Feb 2006

                          Allen, i dont know why you mean that its a bad phone... Ad your MMC question> i have 128 MB one, but i saw that one guy have 1GB and its ok

                            • H
                            • Helb
                            • ni4
                            • 27 Feb 2006

                            Dude Guy Thing >> probably yes

                              • H
                              • Helbh
                              • ni4
                              • 27 Feb 2006

                              Razer, try to load a EEPROM backup into the phone ... it helped me with "wrong software" problem...

                                • r
                                • razer
                                • S4$
                                • 06 Jan 2006

                                well,firs i loved it but now i'm upset cuz i woked up to find WRONG SOFTWARE on the screen and cant fix it.

                                  • d
                                  • dude guy thing
                                  • 4Qy
                                  • 30 Dec 2005

                                  Was this the first phone with a MMc compatability?

                                    • g
                                    • gelo
                                    • UDV
                                    • 28 Dec 2005

                                    Pls. help me lost my manual and my language become german how can i go back to english

                                      • k
                                      • khoo
                                      • F4p
                                      • 16 Oct 2005

                                      Great phone and has been using it for 6 yrs + now. Still going strong with long batt life.

                                      No regret paying S$688 then for this 1st phone with MMC and MP3.

                                        • a
                                        • allen
                                        • mAP
                                        • 28 Sep 2005

                                        Its a realy bad phone but i like the quality of sound on mp3 player i want to tell me what is the biggest mmc that sl 45 cant support and if is a solution to put a bigger mmc card