Siemens SP65

Siemens SP65

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  • Buoy

themba, 11 Apr 2009how do you unlock a this phoneI do not unlock key.

  • Mercur

SP65/S65, the most beautiful cellphone mankind will ever design.

  • samir

waheed iqbal, 18 Aug 2009respested sir i have a mobile and problem is that i loss my set... moreaps 65 new opan sax no

  • Anonymous

it was my 1st bussines phone, it was cool...

  • waheed iqbal

mj, 04 Apr 2008i used a similar phone (s65, with camera 1.3megapixels)for 2 yea... morerespested sir
i have a mobile and problem is that i loss my set sim jecket IC
pleas send me jumper for solutation the problem.......
I shall br very think full of you..
reply me

  • Anonymous

themba, 11 Apr 2009how do you unlock a this phoneif any one have un lock code kindly send me

  • Xtian

mj, 04 Apr 2008i used a similar phone (s65, with camera 1.3megapixels)for 2 yea... moreHi.Which can be the speifications of the memory card???? I would like to buy it for my SIEMENS SP 65 Cell phone.
Many thanks .

  • themba

how do you unlock a this phone

  • mj

i used a similar phone (s65, with camera 1.3megapixels)for 2 years. i never had freezing or such problems with it, until after accidentally dropping the phone to the ground a lot of times. I guess that's what i can call 'durable'.

the camera was so-so, you have to take pictures during daytime and outside to have good pictures. Sadly, it can't play mp3s and replacement batteries are expensive and hard to come by. But, it can play certain types of wav files, and i used 'magix ringtone maker 2 silver' (free dl @ to convert mp3s to compatible .wav files for this unit.

to convert ringtones from mp3s to wav using 'magix silver ringtone maker 2': on the mp3 file and click 'import content'.
2.choose whichever part of the mp3 file you want to use as a ringtone. on the box that says 'ADPCM'. this is important because this produces the .wav file that is compatible with s65 and possibly, this sp65 too..
4. a new window will pop up and look for the 'sample rate' box and choose between 8000hz 11025hz. The higher you choose, the better sound quality. you can try each one of the values in the 'sample rate' to fit the sound quality you like.
5. click the 'ok' box to convert your mp3 ringtone to a .wav ringtone compatible to your s65 or sp65.
6. transfer via bluetooth or card reader.

To remove the mmc:
1. Choose the 'eject card' from the options in My stuff, highlighting the multimedia card.
2. make sure you select ok when the prompt 'removing card prevents using file' appears
3. Open the flap underneath the phone. since mmc slot is quite thin, use thin tweezers to pull out the mmc.

i hope these tips would be helpful.

  • Anonymous

becouse if this crap have a camera will be the same like s65 nad price will be the same

  • Mecca

It is, quite simply, the best phone that Siemems have produced. So easy to use, very user friendly and heaps of "hidden" extras such as an enlarged font when texting. The camera is a little dated now.. but its not a feature that I use too much anyway.

  • milan

can anybody tell me where is delivery report???

  • ace

its cool like s65 but why it does hav any camera...

  • Mizan

It's a nice phone. But it has no opption to play mp3 :( but it can play amr format for audio and 3gp format for vdo. Now I want to know that is there any opption to play 3gp player in this phone. If anybody have the 3gp player for it, pls help me........

  • cortana

Ma sis uses one of this n it keeps freezing, she's gotta like reboot it all the time.The gfx on this phone is disappointing!!.she'd have 2 pay s'one to even buy it.The round thing sticking in the back is very misleading, ppl think it has camera.Well its kindda cool when it comes to the features but it cannot playback mp3.It has both blue tooth n in infrared but i think the project leaders should be fired 'cos they did a lousy job!!

  • dr asif

it is a boring sell.i totaly dislike it but plz guide me how i can play mp3 at this cell..../

  • sajesh kumar

its a nice phone, but please tell me mp3 work on it ? if work how , let me know please

  • Jerone

hi i would like to know what program i have to install and the procedure i have to go through to get mp3 on the Siemens sp65.

Thanks in advance.

  • chant

how can i istal mp3 for my s65

  • E Louw

I am very pleased with the SP65 phone, only one problem though...I dont know where/how to get the MultiMedia card and secondly I am not able to set up my Network configuration settings, therefore not able to connect to the internet and/or sending mms.