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Siemens ST55

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Display was actually pretty good for the time!

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    • Anonymous
    • yp3
    • 27 May 2011

    mike 1200, 06 Oct 2009No comments here since the last 2 years, i guess all the pe... morei have st55 siemens without kepad circut but it is working and its brand new because it is out from service center the phone is never used and it is not unliocked
    i dont have its charger and other acessories but have its spare parts
    if intrested reply

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      • Suzuido
      • fnY
      • 23 Apr 2011

      Regret to have wasted my money on this phone. I was duped by the screen size thinking it was fully feature loaded gizmo. Anyway thats bygone en am happy no more of them in the market.

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        • Percy
        • m}8
        • 25 Oct 2009

        mike 1200, 06 Oct 2009No comments here since the last 2 years, i guess all the pe... moreUnless you're a collector of mediocre phones, I wouldn't bother trying to track the ST55 down. In any case, eBay and the like are your best bets in finding this phone. Hell, I would sell you mine if my daughter hadn't accidentally trashed it.

        Technically, Siemens didn't create the ST55. They bought the model from an obscure Asian mobile manufacturer - Chinese or Taiwanese, I can't remember - and slapped the Siemens brand name on it. The Smart Tool was a joke that was mysteriously pulled from the official site and there were basically no accessories for it.

        Good luck in your search for it though. ;)

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          • mike 1200
          • 0Cm
          • 06 Oct 2009

          No comments here since the last 2 years, i guess all the people who had this phone have a new1 now.

          I am also a nokia user, I always wanted this phone, anyway if I can still fine this phone for $50? I have the n97 but for some reason I still like to have this phone.

            • P
            • Percy
            • mv8
            • 17 Feb 2007

            A BenQ version of the ST55? It'll never happen. For starters, BenQ recently shut down the Siemens division. Second, mobiles have advanced way beyond the ST55. As a matter of fact, a lot of phones were superior to the ST55 even when it was brand new on the market back then! This phone is basically dead now.

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              • blue
              • 4nx
              • 04 Jan 2007

              where is the new of ST55 Benq Siemens

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                • wildboy
                • wfx
                • 17 Aug 2006

                ^^^very simple,just get yourself a phone that does^^

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                  • ALAA
                  • nnQ
                  • 29 Jul 2006

                  help,help,....,help with SIEMENS ST55 , i have smart tool v1.91 installed to pc , the data cable is also installed , when i
                  start "smart tool" it asks me to set the port where my phone is connected so i do it , then on status textbox this message
                  appears , wait handset response , then , handset disconnected , please help.

                    • k
                    • killalee
                    • mib
                    • 21 Jun 2006

                    the composers instruments r fony & the the symbol with an arrow btwn a computer &a mobilfone in setings r ment 2 trik u in2 thinking it got ir/b-tooth/irda connectivity siemens u have a rep of pulin such(c45 cannot compose yet it has a compose icon) moves we r not stupid!we r wathcing u

                      • k
                      • killalee
                      • mib
                      • 20 Jun 2006

                      does any one know how i can download stuff without using GPRS CDS OR MMS on my st55 its got a cool camera though pliz

                        • k
                        • killalee
                        • mib
                        • 20 Jun 2006

                        does any one know how i can download stuff on my st55 its got a cool as camera though pliz

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                          • romania
                          • nit
                          • 26 Apr 2006

                          This is the worst telephone i had it has software problems the screen is like 4096 colurs ! Don't buy or you reggret

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • mUA
                            • 16 Aug 2005

                            mh very mistery handy cause over a night i wanted to charge the akku...the next day i can't turn my handy on.had somebody the same problem?dont know if it is the akku which is broken.pls help

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                              • Anonymous
                              • yEf
                              • 29 Jun 2005

                              There are two words which explain the Siemens ST55 in whole: IT SUCKS! I too was wooed by the pretty looks, camera, 65k screen and all. These are all great, and still are, but be warned; it has many software flaws, and you may not realise it in the beginning, but you will definitely realise it after a while. Mine had a glitch which deleted ALL MY DATA!! And it has a huge problem with MMSs. My opinion - I'm telling you from experience - DON'T GET IT!

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                                • cosmik
                                • mTv
                                • 21 Jun 2005

                                it is one of the worst mobiles.. good looking, indeed, but many soft problems.. it turned off for good and had to give it to service... the zoom doesn't work.. but at least i can record 4x10 sec melodies as ringtones :)i do not recommend it.. i regret my choice

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                                  • expensive n pathatic
                                  • SXr
                                  • 12 Jun 2005

                                  the only thing i m gonna say about this mobile is that it is the craziest handset ive ever seen in my whole life and im not kiddin thats true it wakes up n sleeps when he wants it turns off/on by the mood it makes wonder if the siemens checked it well b4 producin it im sorry siemns but im decieved ashamed n i regret 2 buy ur phones again st55 suckkks

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                                    • IT S YOU
                                    • SXr
                                    • 26 Apr 2005

                                    i have this phone and it s simply great try it and u will quicly notice that it s the best because it's me! beleive me the camera is pepsi it s great the colors r very nice and cheerful yeah good just do it. it rox baby yes buy it now siemens st55 to have fun

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • SXr
                                      • 25 Apr 2005

                                      Orwrite i must say that this pfone is great but and but it hasn4t an irda port or a blue tooth port it's me! pioneer4 and i've this phone it's nice great camera vga with 4x zoom that's good enough but bubblin' bubblin' buy 6600 it's the best phone ever viva nokia u r the best it's me let's bubbl

                                        • k
                                        • kirsty
                                        • iIR
                                        • 23 Apr 2005

                                        i must say this phone is not a good phone at all it freezes even if i on a call listening to voice mails it will freeze and i have to literally take the battery out of the phone which i find very annoying my phone has been sent fot repair 4 times good job i can upgrade in june a tip for everyone dont get this phone no noffense to simens every other siemens phone i have had have been great but this one is poo!