Siemens U10

Siemens U10

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  • AnonD-476503

i have this phone but i cant change battery so difficult

  • Anonymous

Everyone needs to know, that Siemens asked motorola to help them with a product, so motorola gave them there own operating system for the Siemens U10.
So there you go.
I have one of these phones, and was comfusedat first, but no, Motorla helped good ol siemens out.

  • andry

Siemens U10 and U15 are products of Siemens & Motorola.

  • Bobetta McPhreePhree

WTF?!!?! why the hell is the menu and menu button EXACTLY like my motorola?

  • Da mann

Well,well,well...the first Siemsns with camera...not bad Siemens!!!

  • sabit

should this phone be allowed to be on market?its copied all features of motorola i mean i sure wuldnt be happy if they were selling a phone thats an exact copy of my product

  • Moto fan

Should be an OEM product with Motorola

  • siino

Good day sir,
sir,i need to know the price of this phone U10 and where i will pay in my money

  • van

i like

  • Anonymous

Motorola A830 ?

  • Anonymous

y fones are not ordered from New to old ??? than in a mess