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Siemens U15

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I stayed at the Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam is using the machine Siemens U15, currently using a 30-minute battery. do not know to change the battery and reinstall the machine where?

  • dumal

i like it

  • cult


Try Opera Mini.. You won't have any prob surfing with that browser. Hope that helps :)

  • Aniki

The net browser sux... some website can't login wif the web browser built in... guys out there got any java base browser let me know ya... anyway oredi try wif 3G internet surfing wif my laptop using u15 as modem... speed quite fast...

  • Aniki

I just got 2 phones at RM100 each... Who want it...? Hehe... Even if u gif me RM1000 i oso dun sell it coz i wan gif 2 my gf... 1 for me n 1 for her to video talk... ^^,

  • ali

I can call everyone with this mobile phone. but no one can call me easily. why?!

  • rash sadaghian

mp3 rington
wma player in backgrond
wmv (!) play good

  • angel

This is a super phone

  • 'Ajduk

It's an excelent phone,too big for my taste but hey ,if you want 100's of app.,pics, and videos you should be pleased(Check out Nokia 6230)

  • rick

this is a motorola phone (which really sucks)
dont get confused thinkin its siemens
why are all these manufacturers branding there phones??? is motorola sales soo poor?

  • padjri

i respect siemen product... is very perfect.. thank

  • Anonymous

not bad :)

  • croucrou

anyone knows if this phone is available in the UK?
many thanxs!

  • Martin_444

The phone is big because it is two phones in one, as are all current 3G phones, plus they needed room for the extra camera.

We haven't progressed that far yet since last year to follow Moore's law (if you apply it to all silicon and not just memory). Tehcnology-wise it is definitely "current generation": screen is standard issue 176x220 @ 16bit colour, probably same GSM tri-band radio as the SX1, etc., same MP3 chip probably.

They've dropped the FM radio probably because you can have high quality streaming with 3G. The size of the phone harks back to 2-3 years ago (stuff like E/// R520).

If you want UMTS right now and want to take more advantage of the higher data-rate -- with a decent screen and "video phone" (ie: unlike Nokia's 7600 which uses a much smaller screen and is bi-band GSM), then the U15 is a good phone for this.

  • Anonymous

ahhhhhhh another joke from siemens the onnly good phone from siemens is the sx1

  • mystic

kinda looks better than the A835

  • Anonymous

Moto A835 rebadged as Siemens

  • nes

a835 ne1??????

  • Chester

cool phn,wanna own one.

  • Rudy

nokia, beat this...