Siemens Xelibri 2

Siemens Xelibri 2

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  • Anonymous

Mohammad Asif Ansari, 27 Apr 2016I should XELIBIRI '2' phone. it's very smart mobile.Did you ever stop to think why should you XELIBIRI '2' phone? I mean, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn't. Maybe you should XELIBIRI '3' phone, what do you think? Or maybe you shouldn't XELIBIRI at all...

  • Mohammad Asif Ansari

I should XELIBIRI '2' phone. it's very smart mobile.

  • SMAr2wo

I miss this phone :(. I liked the the design, because i'm sick about the same phone shapes and lines!...why producers doesn't make some touchscreen phone with some unseen shape?

  • the Aixois (France)

I sold it in my shop 5 years ago... it work correctly few days and after you got problems.... it seems like a fake and it's a real sh..!!!

  • Hester

You can call with this babyphone?

  • mustafa Alani

I am using this mobile for the third year , it simple,and i like it but the only thing i need it is Arabic language.


i am very disappont in your company for bringing this phone.I have wasted my money on this phone.

  • Menewake

The Xelibri phones should not be listed as though they will work in the US. They don't. The phones are difficult to use and are cheap looking as well as cheaply made. I was very disappointed with this line as the other Siemens phones are well made and well designed. I have the 2 and the 3 (the necklace) and the one designed like a makeup case. If anyone wants to buy them - I'll sell. Disappointed.

  • Douglas Muyuya

Hi, it's a good but the problem am facing how to record tones.

  • kuda

Its design is great. But it doesn't have functions epecially games and calculator. Aslo how does one activate the vibrator?

  • nnur

hi people,i want to change menu and language ,how can i do?

  • ay

i am glad that i didn't have to buy this egg with my money else i would have been crying my eyes out this phone has absolutely no functions, its a disgrace to the phone world.imple advice once ypu see this phone RUN

  • ayad

hi , i bought a (xelibri2)mobile & i want your help to add an arabic language into it because im living in the arab land (iraq) and all arabic masseges comes to me was un anderstandable , so please send to me (on may e-mail adrees )the full information and the program and the procedure of adding the arabic languade on may mobile


this ufo is ur fashion item clip it on a girls shorts shorts and a some sexy short crop tight top and she'll look super funky cool......they need to make the screen with a multi line display probably dot matrix (even more better if its colour)to view SMSs.....otherwise cool chic fashion item....for the chicks....geez alien technology is ruling the catwalks of germany.....truly a marriage of fashion and technology

  • matt

wow! some.. ufo!

  • Anonymous

what is this?! some kinda massage machine?!?

  • ratsonel

hi,i just got this phone,xelibri 2,its cool,the design is unique,i wanted to ask doea it come with a PVR cable in which one can download pictures,tones from the computer? cause mine was sent,pls reply and also how to go about that too. thanks.

  • Edwin Ogwude

Please i will like to request for the manual of the xelibri phone.Please you can send it to my boso that i can pring it out and also to reduce you the expenses.
Edwin Ogwude

  • Jessica

Its service is just great!

  • olamide

i wana know how i can download ringtones and screensavers for free.thanks.