Siemens Xelibri 5

Siemens Xelibri 5

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rubbish, totally bad no good features the design is so bad and old looking. 1/10

  • blotch

The X5 is the worst cell phone I ever had. There's room for like a hundred numbers, and you can only have one number per name, room for 20-25 messages... the interface its like 1000 years ago... when you send a message you'll never know if it reaches his destiny, the clip brokes in the fourth month of use.
Ok, it's beautifull and people are gonna ask you for it a thosand times but... it has to be a good phone too, am I wrong?

  • rina

i sold my xda when i saw this xelibri5, it was love in the 1st sight. though the sms is slow.. that will be fine to me as long as it is still make me look chicky. and less people use this mobile.. and i am proud to be one of those less people

  • sule

Hi! Im from Tanzania,I really like this model(siemens xelibri 5 is not just a mobile to me....its my companion!

  • habib

just want to commend the entire siemens crew for doing a great job.

  • erwin

I bought Xelibri because it didn't look like any other phone. For a simple phone, I think this phone is great.

  • fifa

I love Xelibri 5 ! it,s so good !

  • Tom

I got the phone today, Im experiencing noe of the problems everyone talks about so far. Volume seems loud enough, talking to people if fine. There IS MMS, there is also Voicedialing which I did not expect and a host of other things. They probably updated the software... The clips seem sturdy enough, and the phone is perfectly fine without the clip bit too. The backlight is wonderfull, and the phone is very small, still useable, goes a long way with a battery charge, and is cute and useable. Fine with me so far.

  • Samarjit Banerji

What is the price in Indian currency

  • Mohamed Rasheed

Could you please inform me the price of the Siemens Xelibri 5 phone also howmuch will be the airfreight charge upto Male,
Republic of Maldives. And if I want to buy what will be the mode of payment.

  • taracebulba

crappy crappy ! I mean, I was really excited about the design of this phone. Finally something that didn't look at all like a mobile. And it looked quite cool really in the beginning. This is a great phone unless you actually USE it. I've been using it since 6 months, and it's horrible. Slow, not user friendly at all, experience crashes while writing messages, and messed up some of 'themes'. But the worst thing is the durability of this stuff. The 2 little clamps on the side broke off after just a few months. THIS PHONE IS A RIPOFF, please do NOT buy it !!

  • cheap is the word

horrible, bought one the other day and returnd it the day after.
I do admit that the phone has a cheap price tag but it also has other tags
Looks CHEAP, feels CHEAP, sounds CHEAP

  • Fingers

The club xelibri review mentions nothing about the phone's performance, only what it does not how well it does it, it performs satisfactorily, not bad and not fantastic, but ok.

  • saliwali

i got this phone for my birthday, i was so excited because of the cool design, the size (it's really small!) and the hype.
but i've been disappointed very soon:
*the polyphonic ringtones are so weak, even on maximum volume i NEVER hear my phone ring!!
*i also NEVER hear when i've got a text message, the beep is way too soft!
*the whole machine is so damn slow, i type pretty fast, but the letters appear 3 seconds later, and WRONG, so i have to redo the whole message!
*the games are slow too;
*when i talk with ppl on the phone i barely hear them, there's always a little noise, and it's not my operator!
*THER'S NO MMS, you liers! it's says so on the official site as well, i can't believe it!

anyway, DON'T buy this mobile phone, except if you really like the design (which is really good) and never really use your phone, 'cause it's worthless for that price (249.00)

trust me,

  • panayiotis

is the best xelibri phone of all the xelibri phones i thing

  • Johnny

I got this unique phone last week and everyone has been asking me about it! Feature wise, I'm happy with it. The color is great. Great work Xelibri!

  • Eric

Xelibri 5 or 7?
Which one would you choose?

  • Andy

(Just realised, it was actually Ty who said that)

  • Andy

Like kapas says, with everyone gettin the same phones it's nice to hav somthin a bit different.
I just ordered one for christmas : )

  • marks alot

this phone is cool its like the og vultron look alike!!! this phone has about everything and is pretty durable constuction! man i dropped mine from my balcony and the shit still worked!!!lol