SIM-free Moto X price cut to 300 in the UK

31 January, 2014

The Moto X arrived at UK shores just yesterday and the phone's 380 launch price has already been reduced. Clove UK is offering a significant price cut to 300 and has the phone in stock, with today shipping.

Note that this is for a SIM-free 16GB version, the 32GB model will not be available in the UK.

Most other retailers still list the phone at the 380 price, sometimes even higher, and have not started shipping yet. Amazon UK does have the Moto X at 350, so it's worth keeping an eye if they'll drop the price further.

The price in the rest of Europe was initially announced as 430, but Amazon Germany has it at 350 (shipping on February 6). Both black and white models are available (in the UK the white one is exclusive to Phones4u) and so is the 32GB version (at 400).

In other European countries the Moto X 16GB is 400 (Spain) and even the full 420 (France, Italy). We'd wait a few days for the device to start shipping to see if there will be price cuts in those countries.



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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Wah07

No expandable storage. Goodbye Motorola. I remember the old Moto phones they had all the call lock features, which I liked them for. It's just not the same anymore.