GSMArena smartphone buyer's guide: July 2015

July 2015

GSMArena team, 09 July 2015.


The summer isn't always the best time to get a new smartphone. Most people have other things on their mind and even the makers are taking a break after a busy start of the season. CES, MWC and a couple of major one-off launches have filled in the blanks as far as flagships go. The next major event is IFA, a couple of months from now.

So, to buy or not to buy? This sounds like the right question right now but there's more than one way to look at it. The current season's flagships will only be getting cheaper from now until Christmas but the prices have at least somewhat settled after the post-launch euphoria.

Last season's best have stepped down the food chain and their prices have responded accordingly.

In the midrange, some fresh offers are joining, with post release's sales momentum just settled down.

As usual for our shopping guides, this summer edition will be driven by price tag. We'll warm up with a look at the sub-€100 category first, and each chapter to follow will raise the bid. There's plenty on offer for every budget, taste and need.

The entry-level segment is where the picture is the most diverse - there are different shapes and sizes, camera specs and operating systems. As you move up the budget scale, you start stumbling upon former flagships, long past their glory days but with still enough to offer the right users. The expensive premium categories are growing thinner but we've tried to find the right picks in each.

While we strived for variety and value, it's important to note that we only listed phones of reasonably wide availability. Single carrier or single country phones did not make the cut. Of course, many phones didn't get a nod either as others were cheaper or better, or both. Check the final chapter for what was left out and why.

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  • Great

I am using note 5 and iphone 6s and before it I hv used windows phone but they are of low category.. Samsung is the best but still my iphone 6s is the best in world..

  • shantvid

I would like to see recent buyers guide. Would u help gsmarena?

  • 6 God

Besides the horrible WP app store..