Smartwatch market grows, Apple maintains a massive lead

Peter, 07 August 2019

As the smartphone market is cooling off, the smartwatch market is growing at an accelerating pace. 12 million units were shipped during Q2 this year, a growth of 44% compared to the same period last year.

The Apple Watch maintains its massive lead – Cupertino shipped an impressive 5.7 million units, meaning it controls nearly half of the market.

Samsung is in pursuit with 2 million shipments in Q2. That’s more than double the number from the same period last year. It still has a way to go, but Strategy Analytics believes the Galaxy Watch Active2 and other new models will help it expand its market presence.

Global Smartwatch Vendor Shipments (Millions of Units) Q2 '18 Q2 '19
Apple 3.8 5.7
Samsung 0.9 2
Fitbit 1.3 1.2
Others 2.6 3.4
Total 8.6 12.3
Global Smartwatch Vendor Marketshare (% of Total) Q2 '18 Q2 '19
Apple 44.40% 46.40%
Samsung 10.50% 15.90%
Fitbit 15.20% 9.80%
Others 29.80% 27.90%
Total 100.00% 100.00%
Total Growth YoY (%) 55.40% 43.60%
Source: Strategy Analytics

Fitbit dropped down to third as its shipments shrunk despite the growing market. It’s losing to Apple in the premium segment and the Fitbit Versa Lite is faltering in the entry level (the original Versa was something of a hit for Versa in Q1). There’s more bad news – Samsung, Garmin and Fossil are trying to steal Fitbit’s market share in the health and fitness segment.



Reader comments

Apple customers are more wealthy and smartwatches aren't cheap - for now. But more people are using Android and more people want smart watches compatible with their devices. Apple will still grow in this segment, but so will Samsung and oth...

  • LamiaLove
  • 07 Aug 2019
  • mEA

I will upgrade my galaxy watch active with the apple watch 4. But first, I will wait for the new iPhone to launch, so the fuxxing xr will get cheaper. What I really want is that watch 4, don't really care about the iPhone model as long as it's one ...

I for one will upgrade my Galaxy Watch Active to the newer model. The compact size of the first model is really nice, but a slightly bigger display is welcomed. And the more advanced sensor and bezel function seals the deal.

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