Snapchat crosses 500 million installs milestone on Play Store

Himanshu, 06 March 2017

Popular self-destructing-message app Snapchat, the company (Snap) behind which recently went public, has hit a new milestone - it now boasts of over 500 million installs on Android.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it's not possible to pinpoint the exact number - all that the app's Play Store listing reveals is that the number lies between 500 million and 1 billion.

In case you missed, Snap's IPO documents offered some great insights on the app's history, future and business model - you can access that information by heading here.

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  • were

Facebook tried to buy snapchat some years ago and they didn't sold , atm its even bigger so GL to facebook with buying snapchat :)


what about windows mobile?

  • Anonymous

If 500 million people use it then why does nobody care?