Sonim XP1300 Core

Sonim XP1300 Core

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  • Rufus

My XP 1300 is nearly 7 years old and it still works excellent. I have only changed the battery one time.


HOPELESS WATERPROOFING. Have had Sonim 5 years. in first 2 the phone was replaced twice due to moisture behind the screen and then not working at all. it only got splash wet sitting in a bum bag sailing/paddling.

After the 3 year warranty expired, the next time the phone expired I purchased the then newer XP1300. Alas, after 9 month it was accidently left face up on an outdoor table last week in the rain for about an hour. Now it has a fog around the screen.
PS: All my phones have had issues with the lettering on the keys coming off.

  • AnonD-175271

I have a Sonim XP1300 Core, that has no service. I had did restore factory the phone, but that is no work. Please help me thanks!

  • tktk

My sonim XP1300 isno service. I have did restory the phone but it does not work. Help my please..

  • watty

Had my sonim xp1300core for over one year now, work in construction best phone I've had, broke 3 other phones in a year sonim still looks new

  • AnonD-75079

Me and my father bought one each, 7 months later the button paint started pealing off on both. I bought these from the local (South African) importer, contacted them, they insist the button icons are cosmetic and will not be repaired under warranty. Contacted Sonim US, and they confirm this.

If you're looking for a tough phone, this is not the one for you, my Nokia lasted many times longer (4years). Bad service, bad quality product made in China.

  • AnonD-75079

Bought one, sort of happy with it (apart from the synch app that does not work). Confinced my father this is what he should get... Then his buttons started pealing after 7 months, now mine started pealing as well. Turns out, Sonim considers this to be a cosmetic issue and it's not covered by the warranty. If you want a massive heavy phone that an office user or a 70 year old can break, buy a Sonim.

  • Anonymous

I have ordered my Sonim, I work on locations that is camera prohibit, and the sonim is 1 of the few cell phones without a camera, the only down thing is the GPS and compass, if sonim included a GPS and compass this would have been a excellent phone.

Thanks Sonim.

  • muchilo

The only problem I have is that all I was a quick start instruction for the phone, Sonim XP1300 Core.
I think that having a instruction book on all it can do and how to do it would sure help me (willing to pay for it)... volume is alss low for me...

  • vaskinas

the best mobile phone. i am happy...

  • v1ncz777

scoonic, 18 Feb 2011hi guys, you can get it at enduromobile they ship worldwide, has... morehai bro...
how about the call volume??
did it loud enough?
coz i read a review..they complain about the call volume..

  • scoonic

hi guys, you can get it at enduromobile they ship worldwide, has no camera but then if you want a tough phone taking pictures isn't always essential £231 inc delivery best price i have seen so far

  • Anonymous

i used this phone for a month now. very strong phone

  • stephen

ranjit kumar, 10 Oct 2010cn u tel me wats d price range of dis handset!depends what country you are in I have seen the price £250 to £300. I got mine free as an upgrade at even though the phone is not on their site.

  • Erik Van Assche (Bel

Froyo, 04 Nov 2010Why others keep on looking for camera,3g,gps...etc... This phone... moreHallo Froyo. You are right. It's a nice piece of work this XP1300 Core. I think I will buy him. I had an older model also whitout camera and GPS. But for outdoor it's perfect and verry solid. I think it's much better than the Samsung. The preference for me is to have options but not the standard-options. Out-door options .. keep in tough.

  • CAT-9

I still have a Sonim right now. Good stuff. But it's true. No gps no 3G and camera. Still I want to buy this XP 1300 model to get in action.

  • Anonymous

has anyone started using this phone ? How is the OS compared to the previous models of Sonim ? How is the media player and the overall build quality ? Do you guyz miss the camera ?

  • Anil

Why is this phone not having 3G network. I has only 2G network.R Sonim people going to launch some more models have bothe the network compatability

  • Anil

When is this phone going to launch . which month do any of you guys have any idea

  • Froyo

Why others keep on looking for camera,3g,gps...etc... This phone is apparently not for entertainment, multi media or fashion.. This is made to stand in extrene usage and merely a must have phone for outdoor activities. I like this phone though i already have samsung galaxy s. This phone is really suitable for harsh usage. Adding it to my wishlist.
Don't rant for not having a camera for this device, bear in mind that this is not a smartphone or camera phone.
I'm starting to love sonim.