Sonim XP2.10 Spirit

Sonim XP2.10 Spirit

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Can the Sonim XP 2.1 take Whats App?

  • Ai

AnonD-38886, 21 Jan 2012Hi,..I'm malaysian,..I like to ask,..where I can buy this p... moreNot sure Ori or not:

Or local dealer:
No. 29, Jalan Mutiara Subang 1, Taman Mutiara Suba
Subang Jaya
Selangor 47500

  • indonesian

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2013let me ask a ?. u r in maylasia correct? n u want a fone ma... moreAnd what's wrong if she/he came from malaysia and wanted to own an american made phone ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-38886, 21 Jan 2012Hi,..I'm malaysian,..I like to ask,..where I can buy this p... morelet me ask a ?. u r in maylasia correct? n u want a fone made in America WHY????????? just askin.!

  • AnonD-38886

Hi,..I'm malaysian,..I like to ask,..where I can buy this phone,..I'm very2 interested to get one,..anyone can me where and how to get this phone,..??
How that price,..?

  • Fred

[deleted post]I left a comment earlyer.
Got a new phone now and it's a badass!
Works really good and I like the physical seize and ruggedness of this phone.
After all: The weight is 180gr and not 180kg :-)

  • scoonic

grab a bargain 3g xp2 spirit at enduro mobile £290.00 with 3 year guarantee

  • stephen

you can compare all the sonim handsets at and if you live in UK you can get any of them free as a upgrade.

  • Fred

My baby died last night.
Noticed it had a few software issues
and simply seized operation after 7 month or so.
I still like it because it can handle the odd knock.
If you want to scratch the screen you might have to
employ an angle grinder.
See what the New Zealand agent has to say ...

  • Anonymous

The next tough phone from sonim.
Out the first week in November

  • knapo

I see that this has been re-released and now has a software update and the traditional Sonim screws on the battery cover. Just Pre-ordered mine from enduro mobile website. PS Ive been waiting ages for this phone!

  • ???

Why no GPS? All of the older models have a GPS. Well anyway I think this phone would be perfect for me if it had a GPS and Wlan. GPS for navigation while walking in the woods. Wlan would be useful if you had to know something very quicly and your walking in a town. So I guess I wate for the next better model. Removed GPS?

  • America

Any word on when it will be available in the States?

  • Anonymous

Motorola DEFY is ip67 and a smartphone

  • Bob

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2009Does anyone know when it is available in Australia?Unfortunately I cannot give you an exact date yet for when the Spirit will be for sale in Australia. Sign up here to receive early notification of its release date, to be among the first who can purchase the phone and to receive a VIP discount code.

  • Bob

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2010Any1 know where i can buy extra battery on this phone? Its... morePlease contact our customer service and they will help you get an extra battery for your Spirit. Here is their number +1 888.858.9460. They can be reached Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm (est).

  • Bob

spirit user, 14 Apr 2010There is no GPS on this phoneGPS is not included, but the Spirit is equipped with Mobile GMaps, a very useful mapping application.

  • Nanshan

definitely toughest phone in the world. there is no comparison scale with Sonim. it's a weapon ;-)

  • Davecddj

I bought mine back in Jan and spent the next four months trying to get it to connect to the web, endless emails back and forth to Sonim and Endro in the end I sent it back for replacement or a refund. They offered me a refund so I'm going to wait to see if they bring out a updated model.