Sony CMD J5

Sony CMD J5

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  • Obaz

Wow i remember the time when i was holding this phone on my hand. It looks so amazed. Infact that time i dont even know how to connect the browser & Email settings. I only use it for sending & recieving calls only. I miss it so much,

  • VK

It was my first phone too, I purchased it on Ebay in 2004. Great phone miss it.

  • В&#108

it was my first mobile phone and i loved it very much

  • Yuivrajsinh Chauahan

I want be require this mobile charger .

  • Mane

It was my second Phone und i still have it! :)

  • Anonymous

I had this mobile and I loved it!!

  • AnonD-450535

I still have a CMD-J5 in my hand and I do not dare to loose it! It was an amazing mobile phone and well ahead of its time. I wonder where can I get an original charger for it because it still works!

  • Shakib

I still have it in my hand! Just looking for a charger that's all!! Amazing phone!!


my uncle had this one, actually i dont remember whether it was j5 or j6 but it was the most amazing phone according to me till now, though i ama staunch nokia supporter but i would say that these j5/j6 were even better than the nokia phones of now a days. unfortunately it was stolen while travelling in train, i miss this phone till now i bought it second hand at rupees 8000/-. its scroll bar is awesome, its weight was so light that even to this date nokia dont have any phone as light as it was. and the polyphonic tunes were amazing i was a child at that time and i used to listen to the tunes and played the banana game.

  • donforever

ThaViper, 18 Mar 2013Does anybody know names of the original CMD-J5 ringtones? ... moreI havent found them, did you manage to find them.

  • ThaViper

Does anybody know names of the original CMD-J5 ringtones?


  • AnonD-116017

Awesome phone! I wish Sony would bring back the jog dial for their smartphones.

  • AnonD-99587

AnonD-99587, 11 Jan 2013Hi kentoadz, Do you still have that sony cmd-j5 unit? I... moreHi kentoadz,

Ooops, I got the wrong link the first time but I was able to purchased it.

Thanks, it will bring back some of my childhood memories :-)

By the way, any idea how to unlock this phone from Virgin Mobile so I can use it here in the Philippines?

  • AnonD-99587

AnonD-95266, 01 Jan 2013I've got one on eBay here moreHi kentoadz,

Do you still have that sony cmd-j5 unit?
I would really love to have that one.

I found a link just yesterday in ebay that is tied with Virgin Mobile and I was about to purchase it but all of a sudden it's gone.
Maybe someone buy it first.

Hopefully, you can help me out. Thanks

  • AnonD-95266

Noro, 30 Oct 2012I would like to have a one... ebay is empty google is helpl... moreI've got one on eBay here

  • Noro

I would like to have a one... ebay is empty google is helpless :D ... ideas? thanks

  • Raiden

The scroll was and is in the left side of the phone

  • hassan

man I wish I had this again for sure the best phone I have ever used.

  • Anonymous

This phone is awesome. Better than iphone 4S. Really.

  • blackcell1

i was the coolest kid at school with this phone, but i rember it having a scroll button in the middle...