Sony CMD J70

Sony CMD J70

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  • chaspra

this beautiful thing is hot,

  • shreyans

Pls tell how keypad lock for the sony cmd j70.urgent

  • *

How are the ringtones and games?

  • sadityas

hi.. all

very good phone...
hav good net work..good sound quality..loud speaker..n lot much at this one can give..

no option for downloading ringtones..(i done see yet...if any one know this ,let me know)
very weak vibrator..low sound of ring tones...very simple backside..

overall very good phone......

  • Maus

Could some1 tell me what the dimensions of this phone really are. Some people say 113 others say 133.
For now thnx.

  • avnish

Sony CMD J70 should be able to download ringtones from internet as nokia does. moive theme tones should be available for sony phones. it chould have acomposer. the quality on recording is not the same.

  • texas

I have one and it's performing well: no crashes ar other problems. I love it

  • handoko

I think it's a great one, cheap and good on command. but until now not support for accesories. But I Love CMD J70, it's the best what i have.

  • paul

wallpapers? theres no wallpapers to bein sony want u to spend somethin like 40 on a cdrom and another 20 on a communication cable to link to ur pc with walpapers and ringtones an other crap. This as got to be the most unreliable phone ive ever used too it keeps crashing the sound keeps goin off. So after finally havin enough i took it back to the shop i bought it they swaped it for another an it did the same things so i swapped it for a nokia 3330 which is fine so far an its not like i got it from some crappy shop i got it from also another thing wi this crappy phone the back of it feels so dam cheap its like somethin off a toy phone. just dont buy one!!!

  • Freddy Ferdian

How to get wallpaper download and Ringtones download for CMD-J70??
What site who give free for this???

  • ioo

The jog dial is on the wrong side! it'd be much easier to operate it with right thumb (unless you're left-handed of course).

  • Abhishek Vyas

It's excellent.

  • Peter

I have just purchased one yesterday and I am trying to find tunes to download and some product information. If any body can help me find an online manual for the same, will be appreciated.

  • hairi

I need a user manual for this model in English. I bought it in Germany & badly need to understand how to operate it. Help me.

  • dan

where can i get new wallpapers for my j70??

  • luke kelland

good reilable phone, not too flashy and just the right size to fit into your pockey without it feelingt heavy

  • S. Prakash

It is a good unit. But I would like to use ringtones provided by Yahoo and other sites. Other than Nokia and a couple of other vendors, no other Mobile Phone including the CMD J70 seems to support this. Can you please let me know where I can download ring tones for my CMD J70 ?

  • harop

Excellent phone but where can I find wallpapers. Please e-mail me.

  • wali

it is good

but i need to give me the code of the barring function >>> the stsnderd bassword

  • Need assistance!

Do those 2 bugs I've found refference to occur often? Please, could u tell me (those who own one,of course) if u've all had those problems with it?...I'm trying to decide on buying a phone and I'm not sure about J70 as an option. Thank you!