Sony ends Q3 2015 profitable thanks to PlayStation, image sensors

29 October, 2015

In spite of a lagging mobile division, Sony announced today it ended Q3 with a profit. The company's PlayStation and image sensor divisions are to thank for the $278 million (JPY 33.6 billion) profit. Overall revenue for the quarter is down 0.5% over a year ago to $15.8 billion, partly because of the strong dollar. Operating profit came in at $733 million.

Sony Mobile revenue is also down by 15% from over a year ago reaching $231 for the quarter. Sony surely remembers Q3 2014's loss of $1.58 billion, so this quarter's $172 million isn't as bad. The company explains the low smartphone sales with its "strategic decision not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability."

The game and network services division, from which the PlayStation 4 is part of, rose 16.5% year-over-year and account to $3 billion in revenue and $199 million profit. The company's image sensor division continues to be one of the company's most important parts with $215 million profit on $1.5 billion revenue.