Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S004

Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S004

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  • Anonymous

hey try to see this­dex.html

  • mabi

dis model is only for Japanese...... not for others...(not only dis, ther r so many)

  • sony ericsson lover

What do you mean by only Japan? That's mean Malaysia coverage is not included? Oh man.. That would suck.. This is the nicest flip phone from Sony Ericsson that I finally like.. T.T

  • Anonymous

looks like a wanna be nokia n97

  • Andrie

I think if you want this gogeous phone available outside japan, features like TV-Tuner, Wi-fi, Barcode Reader, and Payment System will be removed.

  • Azyyy

Features are really amazing. i love Sony's products.
i want to buy it. Please share with me when this is being launched in India??

  • Anonymous

Man, 24 Sep 2010looks like the battery life is shortPlz gsmarena update tht its released last wek

  • brahmaiah

it seems to good.when it will releases in indian market.ple tell me how to get from japan.i want it now plese tell me soon

  • aircops

I dont understand, why for Japanese market only and not others?

  • Dariusdd

I wished it had Symbian or some OS, it is rude from them to not put an OS on such a gorgeous phone.

  • Anonymous

this is racism from sony

  • Man

looks like the battery life is short

  • Anonymous

just saw this in japan today. looks pretty sweeeeetttt.

  • okm

i wish it will be for international market...

  • Janus

Is this phone coming to singapore

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Its already there in japan launced so gsmarena plz update it

  • odin 9550

no android = no go

  • Anonymous

this has aso been in japan for over a year

  • raghunandan

i think it won't work in the market..
as it lacks many things..and price so high..
not of my preference.

  • Anonymous

booooooo look at the pads! not so impressive!