Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S004

Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S004

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  • nick

i found this phone in my country,Malaysia and i had did some explored on is all in japanese language, the buttons are all different and the size of the Sim card to fit into this phone is different as well (needed to cut off some part from the sim card in order to fit in). I love this phone so much and the price is very cheap too (2nd hand price)...but unfortunately, this phone is not suitable in my country, too many problem and hardly get use to it...

  • riya

how i want buy this phone, at my place Lahad Datu, sabab
not sell, if u cant replay me how to buy, i will be thanx too u

  • Logan

What sa slim phone

  • wallen

can i have this phone in West Africa? would love to have one

  • Paczeal

No, you cannot buy this one in many country except Japan now

  • Cristiano

can i buy from internet ?

  • Anonymous

i like because nice smarth for me but i don't now for samebady

  • rishi

Yuvaraj, 12 Mar 2011I want to buy the Mobile so may I konw the price & available... morevery nice

  • arvida

how much the price at malaysia and where i can get it??

  • f4irul

I rather buy BRAVIA than BRAVIA..oh confused :(

  • Anonymous

Wooow nice

  • Yuvaraj

I want to buy the Mobile so may I konw the price & available store please

  • Bukky

Hwo much is Ericsson BRAVIA S004 Pls.

  • barbod

i think this kind of cellphone should have released befpre.becuase it's necessory that we have variaty of choices,,,i love it

  • Aneeqa

Camera is 3.0MP and WiFi is not satisfactory.
Producers are misguiding people.
Beaware of it before buying it.

  • AnonD-1223

Me, 22 Jan 2011I heard my friend who is selling AP handphone said it had alread... moreWhich state are you living in Msia?? O.O
I want to buy that phone...but I can't find it though.....

  • Anonymous

Features r gud but there is no GPS why to spend so much money for that ....:

  • Anonymous

it would be a nice change if Japanese clamshell phones would get a GSM release for a change.

  • je weet zelluf

Where can I buy it? Is there a webshop that send to Netherlands in Japan?

  • i am me.

Alee, 16 Jan 2011This is Android time and this phone is not Android , almost all ... morewell datz ur opinion. n besides, i didnt say anything abt qwerty keyboard or touchscreen. i said flip phone. n again, datz ur opinion.