Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Gangadhar

Have a stock

  • Blair

Recently found this phone in my old stuff. It still works extremely well with a super amazing battery. Can go for weeks with a single charge. Compared with our modern phones, the camera isn't bad at all.

Sad they don't make phones this durable anymore !

  • SE C902 Freak

Still have it as Failover-Phone. Still works well like on first day. Indestructable!

That my 1st handphone from Sony Ericsson C series..very nice and good at that time before revolution Iphone & Android....MISS U BRO C902

  • Anonymous

AnonD-89585, 01 Jan 2015I really like this phone, tough body, 5mp camera, front cam... moreT715 does a lot very fast 3G and I use Opera Mini to browse.

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson c902 phone i think this phone now not available in world this mobile phone expired NOW

  • shadyhoo

what's output milliamperes on original charger? ( you can read output m.ampere on charger head)
or what suitable charger output ampere 700 milliamperes or milliampere ?

  • atif

i want to buy c905

  • Thanos Atha

Please upload Sony Ericsson's C902 ringtones.....

  • Webster

pep, 16 Sep 2016YES! I also have it. I refuse to get a smartphone when I ca... moreWow, me too and I love it, I have the James Bond and the black version. I never thought anyone is still using this phone today. But after 7 Years I'm 100% sure its your battery, thats about to die completely, but don't worry you can buy these battery relatively cheap online.

  • pep

YES! I also have it. I refuse to get a smartphone when I can enjoy this, haha. But lately it is just switching off for no readdon, I thought it was the battery but it is full at 17% when I tunr it on again. I have it now for at least 7 years.

  • Grone

I am happy owner of this James Bond phone 😜

  • joki

Farida, 17 Apr 2016The phone worked fine for many years now there is battery p... morego to ebay and buy new one

  • Anonymous

pls i want to know can
my c902 download whatsapp

  • Anonymous

jayr, 01 Apr 2015i want this phone I want it too

  • Farida

The phone worked fine for many years now there is battery problem what should I do please help me

  • victor

my sony c902 is showing error that i should contact sony call center what will i do?

  • AnonD-468614

Mine wont read the sim card otherwise i would use it by now

  • Anonymous

My Sony went off one day and I've wanted to repair it for a long time, but they told me I can't be repaired.I would pay double the amount of the original price just too repair it.its really worth it!!!!!