Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Aris

I hope se will make 8mp n samsung s60 fone n htc winmo device still have much overall advantages! Pleas se!! Try android or next symfoundation os! Java platform only usable for low end n mass market fone! Multimedia fone need os!

  • Jason

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Samsung Innov8 or however u spell it has a better camera itself but I think I read that this has a better nagivation system to view and manage photos I believe.

  • Pauline

I cant see a problem if the slide breaks etc etc, they are under guarentee for a year??? I'm going to get my upgrade next week and I love the look of this phone. :)

  • Lili

i love SE, and i've been waiting for some time to buy this one, but the recent posts are making me worried. is the slide really a problem? i'm asking those who have actually used it for some weeks. is everybody hating the slide?
and another question, please. i watched the video here. all the features are shown while the the slide is open (like going onto landscape mode, camera, navegation, internet, etc.)i wondered, won't they work with the slide closed?
thanks before-hand.

  • vahid

I bought the phone 2 days ago and there is an unusual problem with the camera.The photos I take are not saved.please help and guide me.Thank you beforehand

  • Anonymous

smcd666, 05 Jan 2009My SE k800i just broke so I was undecided about the SE905 & the ... more in uk se c905 is best selling mobile at this point of time among all the 8 mp mobiles .u should only go for it not samung etc.SONY is real innovator.

  • Dani

smcd666, 05 Jan 2009My SE k800i just broke so I was undecided about the SE905 & the ... moreC905 is perfect, good battery life and the Keypad will take time to get used to but once your used to it it willl be fine..

  • mz

max, 03 Jan 2009I Dont know whats the problem. Every time i take photos they tur... moreMax, don't always use the flash. Because it's so strong it makes everything else a bit dark. If the atmosphere requires the flash the turn on smart contrast and/or Twilight Portrait. Without the flash smart contrast only is a good setting as it makes everything else lighter. Just play a bit with the settings and enjoy. Btw, I never use red eye reduction but perhaps it might be usefull for you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2009Hi, How loud does this phone go? Loud as a N95?no it's not...but much better quality.

  • smcd666

My SE k800i just broke so I was undecided about the SE905 & the Samsung pixon. I chose the later as i kept reading bad reviews about the c905 (the battery life was rubbish, the slide kept breaking, etc...)
Can you please let me know if this is true as I can't handle the stupid pixon & want an se again.


  • Anonymous

How loud does this phone go?
Loud as a N95?

  • cheo

better to buy the c905, I have the c902 and Im feeling bad because it doesnt have wifi and the cibershot in the c905 is 8 megapixels, so man dont think about it too much, buy the c905 you will feel happy for a long time, or if you want I can sell you my c902 jejejeje and then I can buy the fabulous c905. enjoy your phone and if you have it now, I hope it is the c905, PD: sorry for my english im just learning guys.

  • MarcoPolo

Does this device has a gps app that can be installed on the device with out having to stream the maps using Wayfinder?

  • Anonymous

arul, 03 Jan 2009i'm planning to buy this phone. i'm a normal user but some craz... morethe c905 is bulky too its a big thick fone

  • Anonymous

i just brought this phone.
seems good.

  • ??

At the same problem with my photos are accepted only in the dark is my SE K850i

  • HN

ermmm i love c905.. i like it so much n i going to hv one soon.. can anyone pls tell me wats the different between c905 n c905a ? pls... thx a lot ya.. waitin 4 u guys reply.. thx...

  • eddie

Dani, 02 Jan 2009Here in the UK we get our phones Free on our pay monthly tariffs... moreUnfortunatly; here in the states, the only free phones with contract are the phones that no one wants anymore. And I buy mine all unlocked so I don't have to carry a contract. As for the Iphone, if you're considering. Just get it. It is awesome and you will love. I do. As soon as it hit my hands, I have not been able to let it go. Thanx, eddie

  • eddie

Diieterr, 04 Jan 2009My k800i died some days ago and i'm looking for an other nice so... moreAll lies, the C905 is a great phone and the slide works fine. Go for the C905. Thanx, eddie

  • eddie

sucphil, 04 Jan 2009Help re: phonebook contacts, when i add pict from my gallery to ... moreAnd you find this a problem? That is normal. Just because you assign a pic to a contact doesn't mean its saved seperatly. That is the original and only so if you delete it will delete. And that is with any phone. Thanx, eddie