Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • zark

best phone


I bought this phone at street stalls who sell secondhand phone few days ago.
& the condition the phone is still more than 95++% from the outside & inside body. Even the void seal still not removed & other good think is I'm just need spend $19 for this phone.
I was really happy to had this one of the most perfect camera phone SE ever made.

  • ray101

you may believe it or not , I bought this phone 6 years ago and it still works so fine

  • Rizzi

best in camera quality.

  • Mutmex

This Phone is the best camera quality phone.
I used it for 2 years. I covered many events using the phone as camera even the cameramen couldn't beat the quality with their cameras.
it takes picture like magic and record video like super.
the flash light is so damn bright that gives you the best quality even at night.
I still want this phone back.

  • Anonymous

I used this phone for 2 and half fault to complain.marvelous or night no problem,it gives best quality shot.

  • chao

And still this is the best camera ever made,so much better than any new android or iphone these days.

  • Anonymous

Sony(Ericsson) now and then,forever the King!

  • Anonymous

using ip5, samsung s4,xperia z1..
But 4 a camera,im still using my C905 ! Up to date!..
The camera of this were cannot match with these days smartphone,Even if it has above 8mp...with only a led flash..
This C905 had a xenon flash beast at night..and even at daylight outdoor,
Night or Day..the detail and colour production was so amazing!
,anytime, can use it without any limit of lighting..indoor,outdoor..
Very Superb !
This camphone was truly is a digicam quality....
Proud User here..C905 cameraphone 4ever!

  • Pepe

Joe, 08 Apr 2015i already had it yesterday from hongkong.. And the problem is it... moreI bought a "new one" from china last year. GPS never conneceted, WIFI didn't work well and ear loudspeaker had a disgusting noise.

After a couple of months I decidet to fix it. When I opened the device I realised that there were some pieces missing, and the loudspeaker was bad soldered with tin.

It wasn't new and didn't worked well. I supose that you are on the same case.

  • Joe

i already had it yesterday from hongkong.. And the problem is it cant search any wifi connection. The display says searching but none of the connection can detect. How can i connect?

  • ZM

I've had this phone for 4 years. The only problem I came across in the first year was a few random restarts. In the second year I noticed I had to push the C button and power button a little more, but they do work. Also, I'd sometimes have to reinsert the SIM card, and when taking out the memory stick and putting it back in, it would take a while to recognise it. Then the connector started getting looser, and at some point in the third year it kicked the bucket. I replaced the connector for 25 Euros, however after a year it has yet again kicked the bucket, leaving me unable to charge the thing. Because of this, I'm really considering to replace the phone, but this will be hard:
I bought this for 200 Euros, it was THE chance! The selling point for me was the 8.1 megapixel camera. If you have steady hands and know how to handle it, it takes great photos - and I've received many compliments on the quality of the photos! The Xenon flash makes it a bit ugly in lit indoor places, and the Red Eye Removement doesn't work that good. These are two fields where my K810i was better than my C905. The video mode seems to be a tiny bit better in nighttime than the photo mode, even without NightMode enabled. It seems to have two microphones, one somewhere on the top and one on the bottom, next to the loudspeaker (if you take off the cover, you'll see it). Which means, video with stereo sound. Yay? Speaking of sound, the loudspeaker is phenomenal for a phone: its high end isn't as harsh as countless other phones I've seen, and you can also hear some of the low end pretty well. Very good when you're sitting alone and don't want to put on your earphones. I've spent countless hours listening to metal (Pantera, Iced Earth, Nevermore, etc) through this phone \m/
The only thing that's really ever bugged me, is that this phone has no front camera for video calls...
The phone has slipped from my hand many times, but it's still perfectly fine, apart from some dents here and there, and the two buttons that I have to push in more. And if it wasn't for that bloody connector, I think this phone could've lasted me at least 2 more years.

  • Mintu Roy_ Mjheart

Hi, I am Mintu Roy
Resident of : Bongaon,Khairamari Nagpara, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.

Sony Ericsson C905 is the greatest Camera Phone Ever any xenon flash cell phone its that like a HD Digital cameras with Superb Sound Qualities, wifi, Glonas, GPS, ** Way finder Navigator including here (in this Cell Phone) so totally too too too Good Phone In Sony World (Java)

  • Lepi

In my experience C905 had a great camera but because it's slide it broke down easily, still in warranty period. So, not too happy with it. Now it's in the drawer collecting dust.

  • Marcelo

My C905 is more than 5 years old and still great, too bad it doesn't have support anymore, Youtube videos and email won't work anymore. But I'm still waiting for a new phone with better camera and descent flash.

  • Anonymous

it's a very good phone

  • SaAd

Best alternate of cybershot difital cameras..

  • Anonymous


  • david

I want buy this phon..
how I det it..?

  • srt rasel

can i make video call through it?
Does it need extra gprs setting for it?