Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • xen

hoa! whats going on here? u guys are fighting on the issue of selecting the brand? u shud rather judge the phone neglecting the brand name? :p anyway i liked the features of it.interested guys look out this site for the more details­­

bon juor :d

  • Direwolf_65

Noob, 18 Aug 2008greeting. I was wonder all of the time about why every phone ... moreIf you will click on the Glossary button at the bottom of the page it will answer most of your questions.

  • anonymous jai

The best 5 camera phones to buy are:
1 Nokia N82
2 Nokia N95
3 Sony Ericsson K850i
4 Sony Ericsson G900/C902
5 LG KU990 Viewty.
( Samsung are releasing a new camera phone called the samsung Innov8. Its got the best camera on a mobile phone ive ever seen!!!)Thanx

  • youth

I cant wait for this to be released im going to get it on the day it comes out. I cant beleive there hasnt been a release date yet, so annoying....

  • Noob


I was wonder all of the time about why every phone with 2MP have the different quality ?
Is 8MP is "really" 8MP quality ? is the good picture with high quality can be trust only by pixel(s) ?

Well, im noob about phone so many question that ive to ask...
What is HSDPA ?
What is HSCSD ?
What is EDGE ?
What is WLAN ?

I hope any ppl here can help me answer my question.

Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Espoo, 17 Aug 2008Whoa, wheres the all important 16M Colour screen for a camerapho... moredude what are you talking about are you drunk? NOKIA they just create and create and doesn't think bec. if they are thinking they would not put 16 million color if the battery life is poor it will only drain the battery life so quickly if your phone has 16 million color but the battery is poor.. tsk tsk tsk...

  • Maurya

amaging if battey would be fine
it's one of the most advanced phone which can be used as a high configuration camera as well as phone, I love this if it comes little soon, it's nice innovation in e-gudgets great....................

  • Lee.c

Se always no.1 4 u if you hv used 1 that is the fact. Nokia and summy are talking to much but their phones are simply they dnt hv funy features lyk se e.g sense me,shake control,track id and playnow they just put all simply features to get their phns sold

  • Espoo

Whoa, wheres the all important 16M Colour screen for a cameraphone ? 262K only ? no matter how many megapixels, photos gonna look downgraded on that tiny 2.4 inch screen. and no 3.5mm jack also, SE is forcing people to buy SE headsets only. and no OS to control such a nice hardware. get a N96 powered by Symbian S60 OS for a great multimedia experience.

  • lee

hellas, 17 Aug 2008The C905 will be out in last week of October. wrong.. It is available on monday 20th october

  • Anonymous

Not impressed with the spec of this handset. I bet the 8mp camera won't be any better than the top 5mp camera phones already on the market such as N95. Just because it has more megapixels people automatically assume that means better quality of photo. Die hard SE fans also slag phones off that don't have xenon flash. I have a N95 and my partner has a K850i.
Which produces the best photos when using the flash ? The N95 every time !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970lol...i dont see nokia with any 8mp cam out do you????

  • Dani

Direwolf_65, 17 Aug 2008 Like most things on this board, that is there 'OPINION'. My opi... moreI Agree

  • De Villiers Visser

Personally i think if u like sony products like the 32' plasma tv then u need a phone to match your taste in good things like the C905. Cyber-shot

  • walker

SE ......... Please Release It ...........
I Been Waiting And Waiting For This Phone In Malaysia ........
Once It Release ........
Ill Buy It In Malaysia Sony Centre !!!!

  • wonderboi

is there any 16 million color of se phones??? or 3.5 mm audio jack??? this are one of those features were se don't hav it..

  • hellas

The C905 will be out in last week of October.

  • Anonymous

nothings, 17 Aug 2008u things tat is copy from n95, than i also can say n95 copy from... moreThis not coppied from N95 heller!!! look at it carefully and this phone C905 has much better desgin than your N95 and this phone is more slimmer and your N95 is bulky and FAT... and about the camera well this phone has 8 Megapixels camera and Xenon Flash which your N95 doesn't have...

  • nothings

marcel, 13 Aug 2008it's a copy of n95(course after 2years he have a better camera....) :)u things tat is copy from n95, than i also can say n95 copy from other.. many phone also hv same funtion, just depends tat which u like or wat the price is it....if u r a nokia fans... than u just need drop comment at ur nokia phone no need to look of sony phone...

  • Direwolf_65

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970 Like most things on this board, that is there 'OPINION'. My opinion is that no matter what other companys make, Sony will always be the best. Now unless you have tried the phone, your opinion dose count for nothing. Even if you have, then you maybe bias to another phone. But at any rate, phones are like people, they are different. What you may like, I may hate. I have tried Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony, out of the 4 I prefer Sony, and I dont care who said what. No matter what you or others think, I will stick with Sony.
Now having said that, what's you point?