Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Anonymous

wow it seems that it is a trend to label smartphones as buggy slow

n95 isnt SLOW nor is it BUGGY...if there are n95 that are like these...its a defective unit

just like what k850 has...there are k850s which are very slow then suddenly dies on you this doesnt mean all the k850 are slow and could die any moment but there are defective ones...

  • Varun

Can somebody tell me the market price of this phone as of today and my second question for the users is - Is it real value for money??

  • Anonymous

best phone ever made

  • Daredevil

how can we use tv option in this handset what does it mean

  • Anonymous

check this Sony Ericsson SO905ics
5.1 mp nice than 8.1 loh...

  • pyradark

SE rules.... i know samsung i8510 has everything but can samsung be great in one i really confused about that samsung can it really takes a great quality pictures...well i guess not bcoz n95 has everthing but what is the best function it has..(5mp didnt work out, also wifi)... i gue SE C905 focus in one function and that is the camera which equip with 8mp w/ zenon flash....
SE rules....

  • Anonymous

RTN, 07 Aug 2008I just want to know about its camara capacity.can it give the hi... moreit is impossible for it to have picture the same quality as a normal 8mp camera. We are just hoping its not as disappointing as the K850i 5mp cam.
Can't really expect much from such a small (physically) camera

  • ajumbo

I like sony ericsson product it very powerful now i am using sony ericsson k800i and went to by c095 i wil i get from your. I am Nigeria thank

  • Geoffrey

lol ! v would like 2 c a camera test between sony's c905 and samsung's Innova I8

  • Anonymous

I missed the touch sensitive keys found on C902. I just gave my gf a C902 red as bday present, it's really nice and fast. The touch keys on C902 were very cool and responsive, unlike K850 which was slow and uncomfortable to use with. On C905, it doesn't have any touch keys but came with other somewhat cool features like 8Mpixels, GPS, Wifi functions.

  • RTN

I just want to know about its camara capacity.can it give the high quality image as the real 8 megapixels camera?
how about its flash light? is it brighter than the light of K850i?
please answer to me. thanks in advance

  • Optical Zoom

MP craze is total bluff, its optical zoom 8X that matters,not 8MP.No basic differance in prints or Pcview. Rest is same copy paste.
Prices hav skyrocketed and know its unaffordable to change every new model. Actually U pay 50% more on boxpack, becauz U loose on previous model minimum.

  • me

@ Gino

gino there is no need to test because its already obvious. Very obvious, that n95 has more bugs and software lags and that c905 has better battery life..

To make my statement even more obviousss..that means More CLEARER....

N95 is undoubtedly very laggy and slow and stupidly crap batt life that no other handset can compare... No other handset can compare to it.

NB. read me and Ginos previous posts to know why i am posting this.

  • Sweden-GSM

almost all or most of compontent created in China anyway so has what to do with Finland vs Sweden ?

As for Icehockey..bring it on we will cream you.

atm Some Nokia good some SonyEricsson is good.

from a service point of view SonyEricsson's are built harder for hardware repair and Nokia is built harder (unlockable atm ) to Unlock simlock etc.

  • Aniga

is this on symbian software

  • Gino

me, 06 Aug 2008many say this handset resembles and copies N95 in many ways. So... moreLike you tested a battery life...

  • nameless

alex, 05 Aug 2008im super bummed that se didnt include a 3x optical zoom lens... ... moreIts all a marketing gimmick. U buy this fone now think WOW! Ur friends hear abt it, new one cumz out, they buy it, u follow suit.
These companies r years ahed of wot is out at this moment in time.

  • semperfi

Awsome Device!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can`t sleep before this in my hands...

  • S.E Good

Nokia are wasted...the batt r no good..the funtions r damn slow n boring...the camera r damn lousy...the body of the phone r too big and bulky...once accidently drop..tatz it ur nokia phone r R.I.P..
so jus have a think of it