Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • bluffmaster

Moha, 27 Sep 2010hay i am proud of my phone but camera in low light make pictur... moresony ericsson provide facility to increase or decrese the mp of the camera so check out you camera settingss...

  • ADAN

i could not watch youtube video on ma phone could you please help

  • Anonymous

Moha, 27 Sep 2010hay i am proud of my phone but camera in low light make pictur... morecheck the is good.

  • Moha

hay i am proud of my phone but camera in low light make
picture very bad i mean must turn on flash .and more of times camera give me 3,5 mp not 8 mp if any one have the same problem i want answer pleasss

  • Moha

Gaurav, 24 Sep 2010Heyy friends plzz. help me out I bought sony ericsson C905 fro... moreyou can change 2 mix to 8 mix from options in camera
maybe someone has changed it

  • sabeen

this mobile hax a sound problem that whenever u call u cant talk unless u switch on the speaker!!!

  • Gaurav

Heyy friends plzz. help me out
I bought sony ericsson C905 from USA 6 months back i a m surprised that the camera of my phone is rediculous i cannot even compare it with a 2 megapixel camera phone
Is this defect specificallty in my phone ..
and what is the solution plzzzzz........
help me out need support from all my friends here
I live in INDIA

  • Patt

I am very satisfied with the mobile, the bad only thing that has that when they call you it is not listened very well, the rest very well, and the perfect photos!!

  • Mohamed

It's one of the best mobile phones I have ever seen. Wonderful Style, Camera 8MP,Video, Sony Ericsson easy menu, Great sound quality and recording, options and settings are many and easy to adjust,.....WLAN, Blu, USB,....all the connection types are available and very easy to connect to pc.

Simply I recommend this mobile phone,'s not compared to other Nokia and Samsung phones in same generation

  • Leon

Best phone on the market and with the technology and durability , will remain like that for a very long time , this phone will still be able to compete with newer models to come ....yes the outer fram is fragile but u cant expect a phone to be indestructable , mine has fell so many times and the case is scratched and damaged but the phone is still working brillian , also had my phone submerged in water...dropped it in a bucket of wwater by mistake and nothing happen ...Brilliant phone

  • Anonymous

One of the best phones I have ever used , Camera is awesome and information is easy to the phone for over a year now , with not a single problem , easy to use and has all the important day to day features , dropped this phone a 100 times and once dropped it in a swimming pool....dried it off and the phone has been working ever since that day with no faults...Brilliant ...Sony is the best

  • jess

want lots of info about the camera!!
how many MPs are there in a MB? do the pictures transfer easily onto a computer and is the quality they come out with on the computer really good?

  • 21

BlackoN, 17 Sep 2010hi,guys!i wanna 2 knw,is this WMV,AVI,MPEG4 support and is there... moremp4

  • Hunny Bunny

EEEKKK - Crappy phone.
I thought Sone Ericsson was one of the better models

I work for a service Provider and I chose the SE due to me thinking "fewer repairs to these handsets"

Overpriced, and weak.
Screen is cracked, outter casing is problematic and fragile.


  • Mukul

i want to sell my c905 1 year old in india for rs 8000

  • BlackoN

hi,guys!i wanna 2 knw,is this WMV,AVI,MPEG4 support and is there a setting UMTS only like symbian os.pls,pls,rep.

  • Asad

I have C05, its a good set but the problem is that Its WiFi does not discover any networks. I have tried by turning it On & Off several times & even tried Master Reset but no luck.. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bikas

my cam fone gives some kind of smal or big round white spots , shoting in nit mode wid flash often. its normal or what???

  • biks

kpkpkp, 13 Sep 2010c903 or c905 pleaseeee??????????no doubt c905 an awesome fone. more like u r havin each n evry of ur memorable moments ready to be captured. only goy prob. 8.1mp. even great wid zoom n same pics quality

  • john

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2010C903 OR C905 Pleaseee???????????????????????c905 ofcourse