Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • rakeb

until now sony ericsson c905 first phones 8mp but problem memory card ... not micro sd no gbt

  • DK

The only problem of N95's camera is when you want to get pics at night . this problem is solved in N96 with another flash LED beside the first one or in N82 with xenon flash . C905 doesn't have anything new . Just the name of 8 MP camera !!! :-)>

  • Anonymous

the "megapixels" is actually just a marketing gimik

it all comes down to the lens, processor, sensor, placing, and how the actual image is processed by the camera

thus if a camera has

"raw" mode you can actually edit the photos yourself and not having to rely on the camera's processing specially if the cameras algorithm is not to your liking

hey Im not mr know it all just posting what I have learned nothing wrong with that

  • Anonymous


has better flash yes...
but the quality cant be measured in the number of pixels alone....thats my point

I do not mean that n95 will still have a better quality

c905 being a sony ericsson phone will definitley have the best quality picture when it comes out

but what Im saying is....8 megapixels is just the size...nothing related to the actual quality of the pic

  • Dani

NOKIA LOOSERS said it all..

8MP + Xenon Flash = Perfection in Camera

N95 doesnt come close


@ vpb$;

Sorry! for the interuption but dude... it's better when you have 8 Megapixels rather than 5 Megapixels... and when you compare N95 with C905, N95 is NO! much from C905 when it comes to camera quality bec. N95 doesn't have 8 Megapixels and Xenon Flash...

  • Anonymous

Dani, 30 Jun 2008Dont compare this Legend C905 to the Nokia N96... C905 litera... moredani more megapixels doesnt mean better picture quality
though there is no doubt c905 will rock the mobile phone community

dont make yourself such a noob

people who say moremegapixels= better quality
doesnt know a thing and your just making yourself look worse

  • Anonymous

Hunk, 30 Jun 2008Yo!!! PPL.... Is dis phone havin mega bass like K850i? And wa... morepeaceeee bruvaaa

  • Hunk

Yo!!! PPL.... Is dis phone havin mega bass like K850i?

And wat cud b da price tag.. is anyone digging dat?

Man, i can't wait to see dis phone in ma hands!!!


  • gary

i cant wait for this phone . i m sick for this phone... i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  • Dani

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i agree lol

  • ames

for those who wanna buy nokia model,think carefully.... it would be better if you get SE.

  • ames

i was before a nokia fans,but now im becoming SE fans... i agree wit my desicion... how bout u guys?

  • ames

Dani, 30 Jun 2008Dont compare this Legend C905 to the Nokia N96... C905 litera... morei agree with you

  • Dani

Dont compare this Legend C905 to the Nokia N96...

C905 literally is better..

C905 has 8MP which is better then Nokia's 5MP

the more Megpixels you have - THE BETTER THE PICTURE Quality!

C905 has a Lense Cover - N96 doesnt

the only thing N96 has over C905 is that TV DVB-TV Thing......

The Rest C905 has

C905 will surely have better picture Quality then N82

since C905 is a 8MP - as i said the More Megapixels you have the BETTER THE PICTURE Quality!!!!

so C905 Wins.

  • ames

SE rocks!!!!!! Nokia booooooooooooo.........

  • ames

for u guys who wanna talk good bout nokia here, please get out of this SE forum now!!! this forum is only for SE fans. Not nokia fans.....

  • shubham

awesome man
Ought to buy this
Can anyone tell its price.

  • whizzert

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970m@t2:
japan made 3g phones 10 years ago when nokia is still coming out with 3300.
japan came out lcd screen, compared to your pathetic 16 million color display (clap hand).

  • jj

may i noe during open da gallery and open photo gallery,would it be slow loading?