Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • iCS

nick, 20 Jun 2008haha if nokia were stuck on qvga and this phone had vga all the ... moreHaha nick.

What you said about SE is untrue. There are SE dedicated cameraphones with WVGA (480x864) resolution that's even better than normal VGA.

Watching videos? Why watch a fullscreen on VGA when you can go widescreen WVGA? =]

  • Anonymous

this is good phone

wana see nokia bet that phone

  • dennies

everyone talk bout C905-camera-perform.
what about C905's speaker?!
is that comparable with C905's-camera-perform??

  • nick

haha if nokia were stuck on qvga and this phone had vga all the se fans would be going crazy

but no since it is the other way round apparently VGA is useless.

VGA is not useless! the phone should have it. its a cameraphone right? and other non-cameraphones have VGA. its just dumb.

having VGA video on a day to day basis is better than having qvga. se just trying to save money, again.

  • Anonymous

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa­aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i lov se

  • senihime

this phone as serious chances of became my next phone :D

  • Anonymous

totally awesome specs!!
but fat and too heavy...

  • Mrigank Pawar

whoooaaaaaa! dis is da bomb!
Go SE.
da best spex evr!

SE 4 lyf!!!

  • Anonymous

lllooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee the look and fantastic features. i which motorola could do he same

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2008who really uses video calling anyway?i do! Cause in my country video call and voice have the same rate. So why not use it from time to time specially when you really miss that person

  • Anonymous

can i ask what exactly do u guys record on ur fones, are you movie makers, coz all i video record is funny stuff that my work mates do at work, i also recorded some naughty stuff me and the missus were doin, and watchin it back on my computer was fine. and im using a k850 so please explain to me exactly what kind of extra special video recording are u doin, tv ads, music videos coz the videos i made look decent enough to watch ova and ova again. and can someone please explain the huge difference between qvga and vga. what difference does it really make?? my guess is a 16m vga screen will use more battery power, am i right. where as 256k qvga the battery probly lasts longer. may i also remind u that the c905 uses tempered scratch proof glass, no nokia has that, my mates n95 has the paint peeling off and the chrome buttons have turned black. i dont think the metal housing and metal buttons on the c905 will do that. also ppl say the weight is so much, how bout pda's business ppl use them all the time and they are bigger than my hand, i personally like the feel of a heavier fone, it shows quality, where as nokia is so light made from cheap plastic that flakes, peels, and snaps. but as ive said before its all personal taste, i emailed se and begged them to make something with everyone of these features otherwise we would all buy nokia's and my wishes were granted, i bet alot of other ppl asked for the same thing

  • Anonymous

who really uses video calling anyway?

  • Anonymous

as if the VGA 30fps will be the integral part of your everyday use for a mobile phone. LOL!

  • Kevin

hey guys, watch this phone advertisement

it is so cool and nice advertisment by SE. I like it.

  • ZeroNeo

Well the SE C905 seems to have all the feature except one still no VGA 30fps like the N95 or the upcoming N96, stil QVGA 30fps like my SE W900i that i am still using. I am way past my upgrade date and have been waiting to see what and this one.

Sadly but unless the P5 comes with VGA 30fps it looks like my get my first Nokia. Looks like Nokia still seems to have the best multi-media phone on the market like the current N95 and the up coming N96 looks also to be good

Really would like SE to release something that takes the N95 on head to head in all areas

Just my thoughts

Come on SE

  • King kong

134 g, what a brick !
And only QVGA video.Even when the first N95 was launched a few years ago it was already VGA !

This phone would have been good 3 years ago but is already out dated even before being sold...

  • Anonymous

it does have a second cam for video call

  • Anonymous

All other SE phones has missed some feature(s), which did not put it on first place among other brands. C905 unarguably will become a champion.

  • Opal

weshal007, 20 Jun 2008I'm asking again is it possible to watch YOUTUBE on this or XPER... moreyes u can watch youtube videos on the X1 and C905 through the youtube application

  • I Broke My Toaster.

Finally a handset that will have weight behind it. All other models means nothings to them. Ideally this would run in da springtime as flowers do.