Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • nick

id say this will be the best cameraphone so far, but judging by the tiny lens in the k850 and the poor photo quality there, i wont comment on this one

  • Terry Chan

Amazing...8MP can be say the biggest camera in Sony Ericson.

  • XXX

This is the most great phon ever i like it so much nokia fans must be f--ked now

  • Anonymous

First to post!

Great phone but still not good cause not using Windows Mobile or Symbian UIQ.

  • Kasim

We want Camera-&-Music 2 Main Feauters in 1 phone Like Nokia N96 MultiMedia & Camera 2 feauters in 1 device I Think Nokia Is Good Nokia N95 Nokia N95 8gb Nokia N96 16gb

  • Javded1

Oh my GOD!, I scared that it only dream, but it is real. SE you are the best. You are future. Unfortunatelly Nokia and Motorola stopped produce good fones, they only can remake old models with the same features.

  • Anonymous

I will say only onething bye bye bye n95&n96

  • Anonymous

i know c is for Cyber-shot.
i guess f is for flay

  • Anonymous

Great look, great spec, great fone!

  • Young@heart

Thinking of replacing my current W850i but then can anyone tell what is C,G and F stand for ???

  • baba abdu

it's amazing phone........!!!!!!!!
I hope it's will be better than n95, n96, also K850i........!!!!!!

  • ram

now sony ericsson c905 king all phones camera 8mp

  • Anonymous

c905 rocks.
n96 crash.
16 gb is not worth 8 megapixels.

  • nak007

wow... 8mp so good SE but if can put Mobile TV it very fantastic loh............

  • Anonymous

8mp doesn't mean anything if the image quality is bad- the C902 for example took mediocre-quality photos that were grainy and purple - fringed. Anyone remember the days when the K800 took the best quality photos of any cameraphone...

  • ge

this is the best camera phone ever for SE. I hate to say this but nokia is no good today. SE is trend setter. They are the one who sets phone to be music enthusiast as walkman line up. Other mobile company just copied like nokias xpressmusic same with camera oriented phone as cybershot. Maybe this is SS's cybershot flagship which is the best ever.

  • phoneexpert

holly s**t !!
the first series phone with 8 mp camera !!
SE outpasts Nokia and Samsung(except Samsung b600 with the 10 mp camera which is only commercialized in Koreea) at phone cameras !!

  • ram

8mp sony ericsson!waw always sony ericsson good.but 8mp strong

  • Sony lover n.n

sony rocks!!!

  • kal

first comment this phone is good i just wish for a bigger screen