Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • cardo

where can i get a divx player for this phone?

  • BeefMan

This phone is terrible ! i dont advise you to buy it, i have charging problems all the time !

  • Anonymous

Couldnot browse anyhow,anyone can tell me about that,need to know urgently,is there any problem regarding edge service

  • Darren

hello, this is towards C905 users. I just wondered how this phone is on the whole, as from reviews I cannot really tell what the phone is like. I am torn between Samsung Innov8, Sony Ericsson C905 and Samsung Omnia HD, but as im only a student, I probably wont be able to afford the omnia hd.
If anyone could reply back i would be grateful.


  • anonomous

well i had c905 when it was 1st relised on 3 & i havent had no problems with it at all. i think its a really good phone :D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2009Would anyone know how the GPS servise work? Like..u have to pay ... morethe gps service is free (if you know how to use it) but for me its so confusing, i dont even know how it works... also the gps comes with a 6 month free trial. for 1 year of subscription i think it costs about $70-80. i'd rather just get a garmin gps instead... hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

Would anyone know how the GPS servise work? Like..u have to pay monthly/plan to get working, or it' working anytime-anywhere? THANKS

  • new

All for phone

  • torres

hey ppl....this is one of da best slide phones SE has eva produced n they cme in excitin colours...i think nokia r in for a real fight to knock this phone out of the market

  • christian1683

this phone a phone with 8 mpx, make videos QVGA....i prefere the nokia n82...5mpx carl seiss with xennon also and makes videos in VGA....Go nokia..

  • Anonymous

someone, 12 Jun 2009how come c905 dosnot have secondry cam?when i called s/e to query the lack of a second camera for video calls on the c905 they advised me that the reason the main camera doubles as videocall camera was so that you could "share your experiences" with the person you were calling as you were speaking to them.
i was not convinced by this explanation and mentioned that i would be using my old k800 for video calls instead. they agreed that the k800 was very good for video calls...

  • Ryoma

Sony ericsson service centers in india dont know how to deal with customers, too bad sony ericsson

  • Tobey

this is going to be released through at&t soon


zain is a lossserrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jezgadi

seems like many ppl are having problems with their earpiece....even i am facing this issue right now and i've only owned this for a month! is it time for a new cell?

  • cheters

Barry Enright, 13 Jun 2009I got this phone as i like to take a lot of photos and at this t... moreI did that with my k850,,the second time it went for repair i said right thats it i am selling it whilst its working..

  • Congo

Im getting 1 2moro was jst searching 4comments 4rom users was using a worse brand decided 2change wil c.

  • Runmaker

"Hello, I'd like to log in my C905 for a repair please"
"Certainly. So when did the earpiece stop working then?"
"Why how did you know I was going to say that???"

  • emmanuel

i've been using this phone for about 6 months now. at first, i've been very happy with it, now, im not so sure.. the first thing to go wrong is the keypad, its not like its scratched or anything, its just that buttons keeps on getting harder and harder to push. making texting or sending sms difficult. then the earpiece gave up on me, and then the menu key or center button for the directional pad is not working properly anymore, the phone thinks its the button for the phone status, i've already updated it to the latest firmware, verified that it is beyond week 42 and to be honest, i've been taking real good care of my c905. build quality just isn't the greatest...

  • sony ericsson c905 o

how to use smile detection ??????