Sony Ericsson Cedar

Sony Ericsson Cedar

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  • 29 Sep 2022

Still using it in 2022 - best phone ever...

    I got tierd of smartphones especially from my nokia 3.1 so i got this one used fro a low price and its perfect!!!

    it has a decent mp3 player, the se interface that we all loved, good call quality, the camera even for a 2mp camera its doing well, it has a micro usb for charging

    and the last one is that not only it has a micro sd card slot but it supports a 32gb sd card just fine! when i discovered this i was amazed because i was able to transer all of my mp3s into this thing

    Also another advantage is that it supports 3g network so if 2g shuts down it wont be a problem at all

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      • DEP
      • 26 Jul 2022

      Miss this phone, got dropped on the road somewhere in 2018..

      What's not to love? Big battery (of that time), MicroSD slot, simpler way to navigate with the D-pad, MicroUSB ports that I can still use my Android charger to charge this phone, big enough internal memory so I can buy MicroSD card later on and not on the spot, HSPA+, even it has video call function!

      Much love.

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        • 02 Dec 2021

        Thee last Sony Ericsson feature phones with their standard interface that we all know and love. Thanks to whoever in the SE teams who finally had the decency to include regular MicroSD card and microUSB port for the phone instead of their proprietary M2/fastport. This makes the phone still quite usable nowadays.

        Now a decade later, I still have and use it as a backup phone. Many features e.g. browser or trackID are no longer usable but I can still install good ol Java games for occasional entertainment.

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          • Satya
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          • 28 Aug 2021


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            • Anna
            • Hkv
            • 08 Aug 2021

            By seeing this phone ,me:- remembering those golden days

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              • ter
              • 08 Apr 2021

              This phone is literally a Nokia X2-02 with more storage, 3G and multitasking but not wireless fm radio

                BHASA, 24 Mar 20186v directly connected suddenly turned off why ?That's because this phone cannot handle high voltages. GadgetStress learned this the hard way in their Sony Ericsson Cedar stress test.

                  280M internal is great among same kind of phones

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                    • 27 Jan 2021

                    it's a really excellent phone with the same battery since 2010 that working to 4-6 days after a full charge.

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                      • 03 Jan 2021

                      Praveen, 17 Oct 2020Hi bro i want to buy that tell me where are you fromI have

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                        • Praveen
                        • P%C
                        • 17 Oct 2020

                        vijay, 14 Oct 2020i have one peice working....all original.....Hi bro i want to buy that tell me where are you from

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                          • vijay
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                          • 14 Oct 2020

                          Raj, 13 Sep 2020I want Sony Ericsson cedar one piece.. Immediately.. Is the... morei have one peice working....all original.....

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                            • Raj
                            • rAQ
                            • 13 Sep 2020

                            I want Sony Ericsson cedar one piece.. Immediately.. Is there available ?

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                              • Karthik
                              • D0d
                              • 08 Sep 2020

                              J108i battery images pls send

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                                • Nandha
                                • w4w
                                • 23 Dec 2019

                                i need this mobile phone any other option plz

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                                  • Preethi
                                  • Mix
                                  • 17 Dec 2019

                                  I have an sony ericsson j108i phone. The Display is damage. Where can I repair display?

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                                    • f}Y
                                    • 23 Aug 2019

                                    marruelan, 12 Apr 2019I have an sony ericsson j108i mobile but the battery is dam... morei have enquired on for the sony ericsson cedar battery, it's showing out of stock but the website has a system to just put in our email address to enquire about any particular item and when it's in stock again, they notify us via an email.

                                    i hope this one works out, caz i can't let go of this awesome music player and a very special device..

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                                      • Dex
                                      • LBY
                                      • 02 Jul 2019

                                      I don't find carcase for this model. Anyway idea?

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                                        • marruelan
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                                        • 12 Apr 2019

                                        I have an sony ericsson j108i mobile but the battery is damage. Where can I buy battery for this.