Sony Ericsson Cedar

Sony Ericsson Cedar

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  • marruelan

I have an sony ericsson j108i mobile but the battery is damage. Where can I buy battery for this.

  • Rajandra

Best mobile best sound i love sony ericsson

giwrgaggelos, 01 Sep 2018Full Greek support with the EU rom I've seen EU roms that don't have the Greek language though.

  • giwrgaggelos

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2016NopeFull Greek support with the EU rom

  • Anonymous

best phone evah

  • Pratap

AnonD-755436, 20 May 2018loved this phone. Super

  • AnonD-755436

loved this phone.

  • Anonymous

Why a 2MP camera?

  • Aren

i buy 2010 and still good, best numpad phone ^_^


6v directly connected suddenly turned off why ?

  • mohammad

AnonD-660074, 14 Jun 2017Well now its 2017, and i a thinking of changing back to this pho... more j108i sonyericson update service apps game

  • AnonD-733656

What happens if I install a j108a firmware on a j108i phone?

Are there hardware restrictions for the extra UMTS bands (1,2,5) existing I the j108a firmware? (That's the reason for changing. j108i has only band 1)

Thanks in advance.

  • radec

i..O.U.F.A, 02 Aug 2017$79 for this?! What a waste!agree

Pacifist, 04 Jul 2017I just ordered one from electronics force (J108A model) for $79.$79 for this?! What a waste!

  • Pacifist

Ravi, 22 Nov 2016Where Can I Get THIS Mobile ? What will Be The Cost ? I just ordered one from electronics force (J108A model) for $79.

  • Pacifist

Anyone know where I can get the US version of this phone?
Most for sale online aren't labeled US.

  • Ferdinand

Sony ericsson why did you discontinue the production of this wonderful cellphone? Everything about the design is perfect. You should bring it back to the market.

  • AnonD-660074

Well now its 2017, and i a thinking of changing back to this phone from my iphone 6, BUT i notied the facebook app on this phone dont work anynore, and its quite annoying to go in internet to search for facebook,

Sooo is there any Java app that soppurt Facebook now in 2017 for Sony Ericsson Cedar OR Sony Ericsson C702??

  • Jk

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017best phone evahOk

  • Anonymous

best phone evah