Sony Ericsson codenamed beibei spotted

21 Apr, 2008

Real images of the would-be unannounced Sony Ericsson smartphone codenamed "beibei" have been spotted online. The Chinese website has obviously got their hands on the device.

Sony Ericsson beibei Sony Ericsson beibei
Sony Ericsson beibei Sony Ericsson beibei

No details are known about the device except for the OS it runs on. It's supposed to be the latest UIQ 3.3 interface of the Symbian OS, which was announced just recently. Here are some screenshots.

Sony Ericsson beibei Sony Ericsson beibei

As rumors about the new Sony Ericsson smartphone build up lately, it seems obvious that it's going to be announced rather soon.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

UIQ 3.3. About time. But the screen looks rather small. Looks 2.0-2.2" which is smaller than the 2.4" of the G700/900. Is this really touchscreen? Confirmed? What screenshots on the UI doesn't really show a touchscreen based interface. Looks more lik...

  • Kelvin Vine

What the hell come on look at that! Thats just another cheap chinese rip off! The "walkman logo" is all wrong for starters!

  • Stan

I like this phone but what you can see on the leaked photos, it has no video call camera on the front.

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