Sony Ericsson G502

Sony Ericsson G502

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  • yapa

what does it mean 'PIN Blocked'

  • george

this would have to be the worst phone on the market, absolute rubbish, keep freezing either when receiving a txt or when sending also freezes half way through a call then have to wait for the piece of shit to turn itself off and then on agian before you can continue. Never had any problems with Erricson phones before they went digital.

  • saurabh

please this mobile lanuch pdf reader .then this mobile very sucess

  • Gil

Positive: Its a great phone with excellent sound, nice camera resolution during day shoot. Handy but stylish.
Negative: self-rebooting from time to time

  • anshul

i want panel for my mobile and rate

  • satanic_dude

This is an awesome phone!! I've been using it since Sep 2008 and the phone still feels new! The construction is solid and the buttons are strong. The phone is actually tiny by today's standards (bricks are reappearing as smartphone users graduate to bigger screens) and some of my friends actually appreciated the fact that it is so compact yet very powerful!

200ppi display is bright and excellent for reading text on web pages even though it is only a 2" display. Viewing angles are great. This is one of the best displays I've seen on a non touch feature phone.

It does some amount of multitasking with ease. The fast port connector and the original DCU-60 cable (bought separately) still work fine. I installed a 2GB M2 card purchased from a Sony World outlet.

I've done heavy texting and the keyboard is fantastic for this purpose. The design is smart, with the speaker hidden behind the silver strip at the back. Neat. Pretty neat! Sony Ericsson did an excellent job on the design. The mic, speaker, earpiece are all very clear and just perfect for conversations.

Audio is crystal clear and mind blowing while played via the speaker and headphones.

The phone is notorious for its sporadic reboots but I found this out to be an issue only when the phone memory is too full. I cleared it up (20MB free now) and it does not reboot so often, but still does just once in 2-4 days, or a week.

Battery backup is unbelievable after 3 and a half years of usage. Still lasts a couple of days under moderate usage with a little bit of GPRS browsing.

The only downsides are that you'll need to buy the proprietary data cable and M2 card separately (which are cheap now since Sony scrapped M2 for its phones in favour of microSD). It still has a decent 32MB of internal memory.

All in all, an excellent phone. If you do not want a smartphone or touch phone, you should still consider this if it is available. Should cost around INR 4000 (~$80).

- Abhishek.
(Madras, India).

  • Gangsar

Sony Ericsson G502 cover easily worn, body very badly
firmware update is not up to date from the sony server
G502 is very good overall performance

  • yogi

please reproduce the g502 i like it

  • gor

varun, 27 Feb 2012main problem in this set is hanging.. and become automatically s... moreya my g502 always restart ??? what the probleam.

  • Tejas

Before Buy Sony Don't Like, but after Use Mobile Is Buy in Future then only sony ericsson.

  • Mera Mcabulos

I like this G502 phone because everything is clear specially the camera and the sound which is the most important to your contacts.. Its almost 4 years in my hand. I love sony ericsson..

  • varun

main problem in this set is hanging.. and become automatically switch of and restart..varun

  • andy

G502 has been problem with hang and restart when we use application

  • G502

YES it may have problem with restarts, BUT.. i recently fix it by doing softare reinstall which can be done with SE PC Companion. Try it and after clean install this phone is rock solid again, using for almost 3 years now. Great secondary phone.

  • jazz12a

Coad, 22 Jan 2012One of the Sony product which is not as much user ... moresony g502 is the best mobile in the world i have been using it since 2009 and broked its software as well as hardware but it is still with me

  • Coad

One of the Sony product which is not as much user restarts every time,Charging port has problems,colour fades and many more problems with this product...Pls don't go for this product.

  • annu

its good..but it's major problem is automaticaly restart..

  • mumy

what is max memory of this phone, on official SE site is written 4GB and here 8GB?

  • daulat

i want dis ph.

  • Anonymous

I have got this phone from 4 years and the phone is ok. The problem is that since this model has many defective units (theese units may auto-restarting, auto-off and more hardware and software problems). Another problem is that plastic is not very good quality and the seats are burnished after long use. Whatever plastic, the defective units are very big problem.But if you don't have defective unit (i don't have that luck) you will be very happy with G502!