Sony Ericsson G502

Sony Ericsson G502

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  • ilarum

any one is their to talk about this phone

  • ilarum

i never buy this phone i need vedio calling

  • ilarum

hmmm i never buy this phone

  • Anonymous

I had a light strange problem in this mobile how can i solve this pls help me

  • shaown

this one is an awesome problem...with out the silver colored keys...the color gone discolored....

  • AnonD-11392

zikran, 28 May 2011hey i m using g502 from 1year.can anyone tell me how u updated i... morei would like to inform u to download and install PC Companion or PC Suite for Sony Ericsson mobile phones.
otherwise, u can directly use Sony Ericsson Update Service.
but u must read the manual before running it.
good luck :)


i have been using this phone for nearly 2 years

my experience
1) perhaps the best camera without flash. try even the black and white feature you will be surprised with the clarity of the photos.
2) net speed good.

keys fade off gradually.
battery backup will not last more than 2 days.

  • gundz

i used it for 2 years.....! great....for internet....! update firmware ....and replace sound driver with w980 sound driver......very great !.....

  • zikran

hi.every 1.m using this phone frm 1year its the best phone.people who doesnt knw how to use do spread advice go for it.after buying just update u r software to r1fa 037 or r1fb.all u r problems wil be solved

  • zikran

hey i m using g502 from 1year.can anyone tell me how u updated its software to r1fa 037 or r1fb.plz.thanks in advance

  • sajib

i have a s0me time its camera did n0t open..what can i d0 n0w?

  • raj

worst phone !
nvr go fr sony !!! they always get software problem !!
i used 2 sony phones, k 550 i n g 502 !! bth gt d same prob !
evn d authorised service person cudnt find a remedy !!

  • raj

worst phone :@
sony sucks !!! i used k550 i n g 502 ! i faced same problem on both phones. the software prob !! the phne gets switched off on its own fr evry 10mins, the screen gets blank !!! evn the sony service
centre person cud'nt find a remedy fr my prob, sony sucks !!! nvr go fr it :)

  • sreekanth

ndix, 09 Apr 2011well.....guys i hav this phone for 2yrs now but the only problem... moreI had this problem as well. I jst upgraded/ reinstalled the s/w and it is resolved now.

  • advn

gendou, 17 Apr 2011upgrade ur firmware to R1FA037 or R1FB001 for better performance... morehey how do got update to r1fb plz tell me.thanks in advance

  • pratham

re-pdate software if fone trobling u hanging, resartng...etc...i tried n now work superme

  • Anonymous

With R1FA031 my g502 works without any problems.The freezing is in T-MOB R1FB

  • rajesh

1. via netfront browser we can get smart internet experience as pc, and we can edit internet pages ( copy, paste ).
2. media player
music player is average.
video player has zoom and resume option.
the slideshow with background music option is awesome.
3. Msg storage capacity is good cos store in memory card also.
4. email also very good it automaticaly creates setting and stores lots. 4. battery backup is good. upto 3 days for normal use.
1. after 2 months it hangs and restarting and no network found when i searching
2. music with earphone is not good and loud speaker also has less sound.
3. its memory card rather than sd card.

  • lestablisha

goooooood......well done sony ericson. this is just perfect. it has no problems at all