Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson G700

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  • Iftikhar Ahmed
  • X%C
  • 25 May 2019

How can I change notes alarm sound

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    • G700i 2019
    • t1Z
    • 22 Feb 2019

    my phone still work fine in feb 2019, just the battery drain problem but i already replace it and it works fine :D

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      • Meen
      • sxs
      • 28 Dec 2018

      Contantin, 01 Sep 2018I lost the stylus. The touch screen was laggy and cheap. It... moreMay I know where did you bought your phone . I want to purchase another one. my old one is totally unfunctional

        • C
        • Contantin
        • ajM
        • 01 Sep 2018

        I lost the stylus. The touch screen was laggy and cheap. It got scratched easily. Was disappointed cuz' I couldn't record radio nor phone calls no more like used to do with my K750i and this one also lacked the lens slide I liked so much. That propriety bus always had it's pins rusted in my pocket and I had to scratch before connecting to PC or handsfree, not to mention it was on the side and made the phone wider and harder to fit in.
        But it was a nice phone from a design point of view, very slim and rounded edges. The color was also nice at that time (silk)

        Personally, I would prefer it with an USB 2.0 connector, a lens cover for fast photo opportunity, and no touch screen just extra battery. It would be perfect this way! Had it since 2008 since my ex left me, used it for 2 years, now it's stacked somewhere in my parents house.

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          • Gavy
          • 2SN
          • 07 Aug 2016

          madmitra, 16 May 2012Good phone but was able to use only couple of months. Its b... moreHiii
          U still have g700?

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            • jong
            • xCD
            • 21 May 2016

            If I open my Sony Ericsson G700 only display in the screen is loading only no home screen display only Sony Ericsson loading to fixed it?

              • j
              • jong
              • xCD
              • 21 May 2016

              If I o

                • r
                • rudi
                • Qxp
                • 02 Mar 2014

                I can use internet. Please tell me to use internet thanks

                  • a
                  • abenezer abebe
                  • 9GE
                  • 14 Oct 2013

                  my moobile phoone is sony ercssan but it will be atackd by water so iam clien buy tener it will be started after 3days nao it have vaebrate its dont started

                    • D
                    • AnonD-171920
                    • NX4
                    • 06 Aug 2013

                    this phone very good am using it nw 4 yrz no problem bt d oly prbz is the phone cnt tek symbian appz bt.. Bt d phone is very good idz left to d user xprience

                      • t
                      • tanveer
                      • 6Qq
                      • 24 Feb 2013

                      my sony ericsson mobile g700 is warm up and the loss battery to a short time its mean battery empty in two hours what is the problem please solve my problem ( for face book and yahoo

                        • m
                        • mich
                        • vpY
                        • 19 Jan 2013

                        sony ericson is good brand of mobile! most importantly the G700 unit, this is my second time using this brand. i like its camera captures very nice shot!

                          • j
                          • joe battala
                          • fsW
                          • 07 Jan 2013

                          power fallure

                            • a
                            • amir
                            • HIj
                            • 24 Oct 2012

                            it is good phone but not perfect :)

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Mfy
                              • 23 Oct 2012

                              its good phone,its depend to the user...

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                                • harshad.v
                                • YQS
                                • 07 Oct 2012

                                my phone not support symbian applications. please inform me the reason.

                                  • n
                                  • nagendra
                                  • X0%
                                  • 05 Oct 2012

                                  my phone is strucking heavily n not even working touch screen....wat am suppossed to recover all my srucking pblm n touch screen effect...plz inform me as early as possible...........

                                    • n
                                    • neil
                                    • 3JK
                                    • 17 Sep 2012

                                    dis phone n model of ericsson it sucks.... it keeps on hanging everytime i use it, so does who plan to buy dis model, good luck

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                                      • lala
                                      • K7g
                                      • 07 Sep 2012

                                      what model look like sony ericsson G700 that we do have now?

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Nmk
                                        • 02 Sep 2012

                                        how can i use mi g700 to listen internet radio