Sony Ericsson G700 Business Edition

Sony Ericsson G700 Business Edition

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  • Anonymous

its cause in alot of goverment buildings your not allowed camera phones...and in other offices like designing companies so its not the brands that made this rule...its the g=y governments....

  • Anonymous

riltz, 26 Jun 2008a pity no wi-fi but its a business phone so u can get a 3g servi... moreif you don't know of any nokia touch phone.....whats the N800, N810?? could they be touch? and the 7710.....dude

  • Tsepz

Thats a load of nonsense! This is ACTUALY a direct rival to the NOKIA E51-No_Camera. Fact is the E51 will be better that this because it has Wi-Fi, HSDPA and a faster UI, oh and loads more business apps. :-)

  • Anonymous

NOBODY SHOULD BUY THIS PHONE. GIVE THE RIGHT ANSWER TO ALL THOSE 'clever' Vice Presidents of SonyEricsson sitting in big conference rooms making decision by reading magazines!! Only difference between normal G700 is the camera. WHU SHOULD I BUY THE G700 BUSINESS or WHY SHOULD A STORE SELL the G700 BUSINESS?

Just take a normal G700 (ask the technical department to take out the camera sparepart) so the normal G700 = G700 Business + sparepart camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • riltz

a pity no wi-fi but its a business phone so u can get a 3g service if u are a business man -_-.
Nokia fags dont bash because i dont know of any nokia phone even with touchscreen :) (pwned!!)

  • Anonymous

As far as I see the GSMArena have big internal photos of G700 BE, while the official SE site hasn't uploaded any yet. The arena team was also the first to upload official and live hi-quality photos for C905. Big thanks dudes :)

  • boi

why is not G900 Business Edition??!!

  • Dani

This is like Nokia's 6300, a Business Phone......

6300 is a businesss phone of Nokia's it has a 2MP Camera(which is useless)

SE just hasnt put it in which is great

and Wi-Fi ? 6300 doesnt have wi-fi this doesnt need it..

its basically a SIMPLE Business Phone!

  • benny

Business Edition right no camera no wi-fi what the hell is sonyericsson is doing

  • Anonymous

wtf is this??? so many phone is much better on this phone...

  • willow

they call it a business phone with no wifi.. Whar is wrong with them.. Stop rehashing se and get creative.. Wat a rip off.. I'd rather keep my n95

  • Anonymous

should've made g900 business instead

  • adrian

2nd post..wers the camera..

  • Benson

wat's the difference between the G700 and the G700 Bisiness Edition?Only cover colour difference?

  • tyler

first post where's the wifi?