Sony Ericsson J110

Sony Ericsson J110

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  • Sachin

My mobile is working from many years but
it not working keys

  • norbert

i really like this type

  • Caspian X

My mother put it in the washing machine by mistake for at least 1 and a half hour. It still working.

  • saikat

i use it very good,good battery life.......

  • Anonymous

very good phone. cheap,loud,long batery life and looks elegant but no calendar & organizer

  • kamla ramola

very good mobile

  • Sharad

Once fully discharged it doesnt turn on for 1 day even if charged for while night..

  • Weezy

When something is not good u throw in a trash, so stop kicking our ears with ur bla bla bla old school "sony tinickson"

  • tin

i have this celphone and today it stopped working, it is really hard! we tried everyway to destroy it! and finally we could destroy it by playing baseball with it! the only thing bad of it is that keyboard fall down and it is covered of some blue maskin tape!! this celphone is excellent if it is your first one! it is easy to use, but i think it is a little bit girly! the ring tones and the wall papers!

  • Anonymous

Slow but good phone.
Does everyone know that ringtone "your mind" original name? it sound so familiar to me. Is it a real song?

  • nana

I've sony ericsson J110i for many years,it's good.
But,since yesterday I've problem with my phone.I can use for making phone call,but it works for receiving phone calls and sms only.
Do you know how to make it work properly again?
Thank you very much.


  • Anonymous

ciquta, 12 Sep 2008Pros: - very good battery lifetime - rock solid - good keypad... moreYes i think same with you. i have been usin this phone for a year now while its good.

  • OWL4

shiokspear, 19 Feb 2008I realised there is another downside to this phone.You can't rec... moreIt seems you are the only one in this review who really test this phone, the big proplem of not receiving sms during call is true ? Are sms saved for later or they have not received at all ?
Thank you

  • Anonymous

user friendly..
simple and durable...
efficient.. loud speakers!!!
but i lost my headset..:(

  • Anonymous

ghetto-fab, 08 Jul 2008this phone is the worst. even when battery is full it still says... moremaybe you do not take care your phone properly???? tnx!

  • erwin

No radio FM

  • Anonymous

He has radio FM?

  • ciquta

- very good battery lifetime
- rock solid
- good keypad

- slow software, not confortable to write SMS
- sometimes gets "SIM card error"
- average voice sound quality

  • Anonymous

this is the phone who is perfect for sms and calls

  • jhkjljlkjljlk

does it have a calender?