Sony Ericsson J132

Sony Ericsson J132

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  • Anonymous

Bought this cheap for INR 1850.00. Radio is OK. 3.5mm jack is cool. The only thing bad about the phone is the contacts management. The phone memeory is just 300 and does not gives the option to view both the sim and phone contacts at the same time..Dont know what to do

  • trader boy

hello , can anyone help me soon ? i want to buy this phon.
but i want to know how many sms can hold in its memory? (inbox,sent,draft...)
this is very important for me.

  • Anonymous

cost = benefit

  • nags

It is very difficult to send text sms. Only a single theme is provided. Is it possible to change the theme?

  • Anonymous

Pathetic phone to buy.... It get switched off autometically minimum four time a day....Battery is good but text messaging is very difficult... The overall performance is below average.

  • James

The design is clean and crisp - easy to grip maybe because of the back cover. The phone is very solid, it has a good battery life, charges using on my computer using a USB cord jack, and the radio with RDS works perfectly anytime I need it. It is the best basic phone I've used so far.

  • Senthil

Venom, 26 Jun 2009why does this phone has 3.5 mm jack it's not even music phone b... moreyou just change your handsfree use some other 3.5mm jack for good sound quality

  • shah

Mr Sales, 02 Jun 2009This is an absolutely GORGEOUS! phone.... Dust proof keypad, wi... morei bought mine yest...

did u get any probs wit screen ???

  • Nitin Kadam

Dee CRO, 20 Jan 2009I explained it and I think I was precise enough. To repeat mysel... moreThanks a lot. The information to open the back was very useful. It is not present even in the user guide. None of my firends/collegues could help me

  • sony ericsson j132

sony ericsson j132 typ AAA -1002092-BV AB T26

  • Brian

This phone is rubbish. Just horrid to use. I hate it. I've had it a week and lines have started appearing on the screen. It will be going back and they can repair it as I'm not happy with it. It's awkward to text with, and why does it have to make a stupid beep noise loudly when I make a phone call? Pants Phone.

  • Venom

why does this phone has 3.5 mm jack it's not even music phone
but it maybe because of better listening of radio

  • Hussain

If you want to waste your money then you can buy this phone.It is the worst basic phone I ever bought.Has little advantages but lots of disadvantages.
No option to send contacts.
Cant turn off the sound after Message sent.
Torch is not as bright as other Nokia basic phones like 1280 & 1100.
Only 10 ringtones,no option to download.
Only 4-5 wallpapers.
Cant turn off or turn on dictionary with one click.
Its not value for money.
I would rather prefer Nokia 1650 which is a lot better phone at the same price.

  • Armoured Dhillon

If you want a no nonsense phone thats got buckets of battery life, great sound quality. loud ring tones, and a very decent price tag, you'd be hard pressed to beat Sony Ericsson J132 or basic Nokias, if you want a gadget that does everything else get an iPod touch, 'cos having a phone with decent battery features seriously outweighs any gimmicks

  • Sidsquare

Just got mine today. Looks more expensive than it is. as a basic PHONE, its excellent, especially for a yong student like me. if u want multimedia, just buy an ipod like i did. anyways, nobody uses a cell for more than ayear or two.

  • Yes_Please

I have an iPhone but seeing as this phone is half the price of my excess fee for insurance I've bought one for the crazy nights out.....PERFECT!

  • Mr Sales

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS! phone....
Dust proof keypad, with exclusive sony ericsson's night light technology makes this phone a must have for all torch enthusiast's
Digital RDS stereo radio speaker system, Quality!
Do not hesitate to purchase this phone if asked..

  • John Jimbo

It cost 4.95 at Carphone Warehouse. That's a throw-away price. I used it on a week long holiday in Britain. Calls, including international, were clear and crisp, never had a reception issue. Phone held a charge for several hours of conversation and plenty of standby. Did I mention it cost 4.95? If you want a basic, quality, realiable phone without a built-in camera or toaster this is the one.

  • Anonymous

Leon, 21 May 2009You said that this phone can't input reminders in the calendar? ... moreThe calendar is just a simple calendar - there is a separate function for reminders.

  • Leon

Milan C., 05 May 2009No camera, no WiFi (it is low-end phone!), no repeating alarm cl... moreYou said that this phone can't input reminders in the calendar? is that true??

i was planning to buy this phone, until i read your opinion..

so you can't put any reminder in the phone?? just a SIMPLE calendar??