Sony Ericsson J200

Sony Ericsson J200

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  • Nisa
  • tA$
  • 14 Jun 2020

Gundhull, 01 Jun 2009i have it for 3 years and still good !Upload the ringtones please on youtube channel. Mine is not working again. I miss one of the original ringtone on there.

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    • Nisa
    • tA$
    • 14 Jun 2020

    Angappan, 17 Aug 2013IT's my first mobile and awesome... after few years i thoug... moreHi anyone who still have this phone in good condition. Can you share the original ringtones in there. I really want to hear that ringtone, maybe the name is simplecity or simplicity or simplexcity. There is no one upload the original ringtones from j200i in youtube channel. Can u? Please..

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      • Ryo
      • vgM
      • 02 Apr 2020

      Can help me to download ringtone J200i "TOCO" ?

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        • Abdul Wahid
        • PDT
        • 10 Oct 2015

        My First Phone (Y)

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          • M.Shaheryar
          • KIJ
          • 07 Jun 2014

          Joy stick problem. how to solve this

            • A
            • Angappan
            • vGZ
            • 17 Aug 2013

            IT's my first mobile and awesome... after few years i thought of get battery for that.... by my luck i got battery... i am so happy to seen back again my first mobile..

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • sST
              • 20 Mar 2013

              My first Ph, very good experience but poor battery even then lovely memory attach with it. I feel very sad once I lost it.

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                • abhi
                • XuE
                • 14 Jul 2012

                its my first cell its have softwere problem

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                  • VMUF
                  • sF$
                  • 22 May 2012

                  rij, 29 May 2011Hey man!! could you do me a massive favour please! Hmm.... moreKindly check out :
                  for the list.

                    • S
                    • Sanjay
                    • TLx
                    • 22 May 2012

                    very good set. but the batery is no longer. sound and netowk are perfectly orking.

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                      • sijin mukund
                      • utK
                      • 10 Dec 2011

                      this is my 1st SonyEricsson.......i like
                      very much

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                        • rij
                        • xZw
                        • 29 May 2011

                        AnonD-4305, 16 Apr 2011was my first phone, pretty good for its day :)Hey man!!

                        could you do me a massive favour please!
                        Hmm.. just wondering if you could kindly give me a list of the pr -loaded ringtones on the J200i . if you still have it and it switches on! I had one and i loved one of the ringtones. thnaks.

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                          • AnonD-4305
                          • PPU
                          • 16 Apr 2011

                          was my first phone, pretty good for its day :)

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                            • frecx
                            • PS6
                            • 28 Dec 2010

                            this is my 1st mobile phone.. enjoy using it...

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                              • Jaba
                              • PFN
                              • 05 Jul 2010

                              Excellent phone, I like Sony Ericsson phones, they are user friendly and long lasting.

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                                • Gamma Sharma
                                • u1E
                                • 02 Feb 2010

                                Was my third phone after T100, T230. The phone was absolutely stunning and its sound with the big speakers was the first with full treble. But the problem was with the joystick and battery as usual.

                                I still remember friends asking what the phone was all the time.

                                  • S
                                  • Sanjay Bhate
                                  • uth
                                  • 19 Dec 2009

                                  Sony Ericsson J200i is my first Mobile Phone it is very users friendly phone but its battery is very week i have to recharge it every 5 to 6 hrs. should i change the battery? and what is the battery price i have purchased the phone in March 2005

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                                    • Gundhull
                                    • wr0
                                    • 01 Jun 2009

                                    i have it for 3 years and still good !

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                                      • i'm saving the day
                                      • txE
                                      • 08 Mar 2009

                                      trouble with joystick>>>??
                                      use dry toothbrush to clean the detail!! try it you will amazed how it works again

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                                        • choo
                                        • w4Y
                                        • 01 Jan 2009

                                        i am using this set the sound is good but i has stupid key pad as wel as joy stick is concerned it is also very wel as my opinion is concerned i will say that don buy this set...................