Sony Ericsson J210

Sony Ericsson J210

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My first ever new phone, I bought it in 2006 when I was at high school. I still remembering those memories with Sony Ericsson J210

  • Nirmal

this my first mobile in my life so i like this mobile very much

  • Mba

It was my first coloure mobile phone also it was first and last gift from my dad

  • Sooraj

My First phone


My First Phone , Best Phone and now also iam using it.

  • aabawa

Coolrider, 31 Oct 2013I had this phone, the best one and my first one. one of the best in its prime,i rilly enjoyd it,its my first phone

  • Coolrider

I had this phone, the best one and my first one.

  • Mian Anas

It was the best phone and also mine first phone

  • Mian Anas

It was the best phone and aslo mine first phone

  • Anonymous

nitin, 11 Dec 2010sir i have lock my mobile and i forget my password.please help m... morefirst open the back cover, then use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the phone to front cover... i forgot the rest. hope this helps. :)

  • dada

it's my first mobile phone. :)
i wish i have this phone again

  • imon. CU. BD

Not so bad in such cheap price. I used it for 2 years. Some problems i faced are :
1. Poor battery power
2. Very bad joystick (repaired 5 times)
3. No loudspeaker for call
4. Web browser dosen't support maximum wap pages .

  • nitin

sir i have lock my mobile and i forget my password.please help me how i open it.please

  • MDS

chaitanya, 09 Dec 2008had this phone for 2 years after which it fell in water and stop... moreI know of someone who dropped their j210i in water and it still worked. How long was yours in the water? The joystick on mine was able to be pushed to the point that it looked as though it might just fall out. Bit dodgey after a few years of use.

  • spike/ chow2x

very bad phone/ one of the worst phone that ive ever had/ battery is less than one day/ and the kepad is hard to use/ i sold it for a price of a burger/

  • yeeeeck

Rachida, 09 Dec 2007Me also I had the problem that all my sms's were disappeared/gon... moreI've had 3 SE's 'till now and messages have never desappeared. I still use a W300i at the moment, love it.

  • miko

Reza, 15 Feb 2007- good features such as: infrared,MMS,photo phonebook. - low po... morei have j 210i... but i dont now ..?
activated i dont browsing internet

  • i am saving the day

trouble with joystick>>>??
use dry toothbrush to clean the detail!! try it you will amazed how it works again

  • reeky007

bad ba3 life bt, swit mobile.

  • anonymous

I have been using this fone for 1- 2 yrs. already and it is quite handy. the drawbacks are its joystick, internet, and connectivity. Mine has a glitch in its signal and it is really annoying... but still good phone. :]